Congress surgical strikes only on paper: Modi

Congress surgical strikes only on paper: Modi
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi Friday mocked the "me too" Congress claim that its government had also conducted surgical strikes across the Line of Control and accused the party of telling lies.

Addressing a rally in Sikar, he suggested that Congressleaders were confusing video games with such strikes.

He said the party first ignored the strikes carried outunder his government and then opposed them. "Now it's me too, me too," he saidusing the English term.

He also addressed public meetings in Hindaun and Bikaner,accusing Congress at both places of not acting strongly against terrorism.

Only a 'mazboot' government can do so, he said.

He expressed the Centre's solidarity with people incyclone-hit states and said Rs 1,000 crore has already been released for reliefwork.

Modi's remarks on retaliatory strikes against Pakistan-basedgroups come a day after the Congress claimed that six cross-border strikes werecarried out during the UPA government's term as well.

"They initially mocked and rejected the surgical strikebut people had faith in me and they stood by me," the prime minister said,slamming the opposition.

Modi said a Congress leader had claimed four months backthat three surgical strikes were conducted during that party's term and nowanother leader is saying there were six.

"The number increased from three to six in four months.By the time the elections are over, this will increase to 600. What does itmatter when the strike is on paper? The Congress only tells lies," hesaid.

He said the Congress leaders seem to play video games, andsuggested that they treated surgical strikes in the same manner.

He accused the Congress leaders of calling the Army chief a`goonda' (thug) and the Indian Air Force chief a 'lier', in an apparentreference to alleged remarks by Sandeep Dikshit and Veerappa Moily in pastyears.

"Do they intend to send 'chadars' to buryterrorists?" he asked, apparently referring to the oppsoition insistanceon knowing the number of those killed in the air strike in Pakistan after aterror attack in Kashmir.

In Hindaun, Modi said instead of celebrating the UN decisionon designating Jaish-e-Mohammed chief Masood Azhar a global terrorist, theCongress is questioning its timing.

"Should the UN ask the Congress, should it consult'madam' or 'naamdar' before declaring him a global terrorist?" he said, inan apparent reference to Congress leaders Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi.

"After the surgical strike and the (Balakot) air strike, theUN decision to declare Masood Azhar a global terrorist is the thirdinternational strike on terrorism," he said.

He accused the Congress of being upset about alldevelopments that are good for India, whether it is the UN decision on Azhar orthe awards conferred on him by the United Aran Emirates and Russia.In Bikaner, he referred to the long-delayedacquisition under his government of property which belonged to people who leftfor Pakistan during the 1947 Partition.

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