Coronavirus-: The other side

Let’s us hope that scientists come up with an immediate breakthrough
Coronavirus-: The other side

 The alarming  situation created by the Coronavirus through out the world brought a big challenge before the global community. The current scenario is that the scientists even working very hard  day and night to identify the actual causes of its outbreak and try to develop the vaccine to counter it is still a way forward. Right now, Only the advisories have been issued by the states as the part of precautionary measure. In this challenging situation, only the past inventions or discovers are giving hope to the scientists to move forward.

History bear witness that human race faced  the most difficult problems earlier also creating threat to human existence  but each time the scientists succeeded  to counter those odd situations like  Scurvy Vaccine  by James Lind 1753; Smallpox Vaccine by Edward Jenner 1796 ; Anthrax Vaccine by Louis Pasteur  1881; Cholera Vaccine by Louis Pasteur  1880; Rabies Vaccine Louis Pasteur  1885; Polio Vaccine by   Jonas Salk 1953 and  Rubella Vaccine  by Pierre Joseph Pelletier and Joseph Bienaima Caventou  1966.

While developing  those life saving vaccines, they remained honest and steadfast in their approach. Their purpose was to survive the mankind. Let's us hope that our scientists will come out with an immediate breakthrough.

The Other side to view this situation is that whatever  may be the reasons that the  scientists may  attribute to this situation but for a common man, the instant  reasons he  considered  responsible for that dreadful situations are our sins wheather committed individually or collectively. We used to say, ("Yum Chee Sanan Gunhyn Hund Chaza) This is nothing but a punishment of our sins.

Idealistically speaking, we can not underestimate this reason. The fact of matter is that human beings become so greedy and selfish. He started a war against nature. Exploring nature and the utilization of natural resources for sustainable development is no way wrong but it should be done judiciously but unfortunately it is not happing on the ground.

We became unkind towards other living species; snatching their rights. Recently I watched the videos circulated on the social media in which a so called civilized person was adopting unnatural ways to kill animals;  pouring boiled water on the living animals.

These horrible acts really defame the whole humanity. We don't even spare the earth (mother),  we gave deep scars to her in the name of development. The abundant use of  inorganic fertilizers, excessive use of sprays; unnecessary extractions of minerals made our land barren and our environment toxic.

Countries mainly the developed countries spent huge amount of money in the manufacturer of nuclear weapons showcasing their supremacy. While conducting new experiments, they made compromises. They hardly bother about its serious consequence.

 Be it religious orsocial aspects of our life, we became intolerant towards each other. We stilldiscriminate on bases the cast creed, and color. In this materialist world,people use shortcuts to achieve bigger goals and in this blind race, they haveforgotten their dignified position that Almighty Allah has bestowed upon them.

Let's pause for a while, rethink about our past, present and future and ponder whether we are marching towards development or destruction.  This irresponsible and inhuman attitude lead us to chaos and confusion.

At this postmodern stage, when humans feel proud to erect sky touching buildings,  change the direction of rivers, establish tunnels or bridges through mountain peaks and ocean, invent missiles and machines but alas, a tiny virus which can't even be seen through naked is challenging the entire world community. 

To survive, we must leave our selfish nature and try to rebuild our connections with other living and non-living entities purely based on peace and harmony. Let's hope for better and safe future.

Haroon Rashid Bhat is a teacher- Zone Ganderbal 

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