Covid-19: Crises & Concerns

These are not ordinary crises, only patience and precautions can help us win this big battle
Covid-19: Crises & Concerns
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Time again the ugly tentacles of lockdown are hovering uponus. We are used to the stale routine since last 3 decades. I bet, no one canadapt to the prevailing situation better than us. We are the worst victims ofits crippling effects but we have always remained firm and faithful. Painsand prisons are not new to us but we do celebrate the little joys of life. Wehad a respite with the arrival of spring. Of course, we hoped for the return ofnormalcy and resumed our work  after  7 months of clamp down, but unfortunatelythere was something else destined for us. No one could have thought in theirfar fetched dreams that covid-19 could spread so fast and imprisoned thewhole world .The fears and uncertainties are looming large and none of us knowfor how long it will continue. Till 4th April , there had been 59,000 Death, 1Million are worldwide infected cases. Questions are popping  up to make us restless.  Shouldn't we understand it deeply? Can weafford to overlook it and let loose the knot?. Better to be safe than be thesource of vexation to plague.

We get what we deserve. Good begets good, evil begets evil. Shouldn'twe look at the bigger picture? How can we forget the terror that has beenunleashed  on the people of Yemen, Iraq, Palestian, Libya, Afghanistan, Kashmir.The blood of innocents is being spilled everywhere. How can we ignore thosesufferings and claim to be the champions of humanity. The covid – 19 pandemicis the blow to the arrogant humans. Many are damn sure it can be the tactics of biological war but for believers it's the wrath from Almighty as wehave failed to rise above our differences and fight for injustice. In thepast, when any calamity struck the humans, we would take refuge in mosques toseek the mercy of Allah .Now, see how we have to pay for our brutalities thateven the mercies of Allah are closed for us.It is an Irony, fatal and lifethreatening if we assemble and pray together. Do we feel that we don't have anyhand in it. Not only humans, we are over exploiting nature, animals andravaging them to death. Now this covid – 19 is the payout of our misdeeds.

This pandemic is pushing the developed countries on their knees.They have the excellent medical infrastructure, scientists, specialists butground reality is very astonishing which is hard to swallow. The daily deathtoll in Spain, Italy and other advanced countries is in hundreds. If it is notstopped now, it won't take much time like a nuclear fusion, to engulf andexplode the whole world.

On 26th March, there was the first corona virus death invalley. The situation in JK might not seem that gloomy but still we have tounderstand neither we have infrastructure nor intellectual capabilities tocombat this disaster. Remember, our easy going attitude can prove very fatal,if we don't work as per the guidelines. In this global fight, theadministrators at the helm of affairs are doing commendable job. Its worthmentioning the way DC Srinagar Mr.Shahid Chaudhary and mayor Mr. Junaid Mattutook the lead and put the proactive measures in place at the right time. Thewhole administration is on tenterhooks to contain the situation. The governmentis doing its job in the best possible ways and means but we have to see thethings beyond the covid-19 pandemic. Our role and responsibilities are equallyimportant so as to facilitate the ground work and rethink on the followingaspects.

Realize And Reflect:

We are seeing the fatalities of this pandemic. If we keenlyanalyze the data, we will be surprised to find that even the young healthypeople have  succumbed to this dangerous virus. There is no discrimination between religions, regions, rich or poor, young or old, good orbad. Surprisingly Francisco Garcia was 21 year Spanish soccer coach becameits victim and even Prince Charles was tested positive. From Wuhan to Tehran, Italy,india, spain, saudia, thousands of people lost their lives. It has spreadacross 186 countries and there are around 3500-4000 daily deaths . Doesn't it leave us with so many questions toask ourselves. This scary virus has shown us the mirror of reality and shakenour existence.


From the last week of Feb 20, laborers from Bihar are comingto the valley and resuming their work. Laborers and beggars are roamingfreely in the streets. It is pertinent to mention here, they can be the potential carriers of the Covid as well. Why  they were not screened at avery first place?.Its our moral duty to report the suspicious cases . Moreverwe should be vigilant on all those passenger vehicles which are coming fromoutside

Why a Lock Down Works.

Data As on 24th  March China India USA
Date Of First Death 11th Jan 12th March 29th Feb
Date Of Lockdown 23rd Jan 23rd March 22nd March
Deaths At Lockdown 17 9 21
Cases  At Lockdown 574 433 33,300
Extent Of Lockdown Wuhan ,Hubei All States, UTS Partial
People In Lockdown 9 ML,Only wuhan 750 ML 75 ML

From the above figures, it's clear that china was theepicenter of the covid. They acted very promptly and controlled it within ashort period of time. On the other hand USA showed indifference and acted after21 days which became the reason for over 2.7 Lacs infected cases and 7400deaths. The key here is the time which is the deciding factor to contain thesituation. If we show sluggishness to act, things can turn very ugly and grave.The sooner we act, the better it will be for all of us. On 24th March 20,PMModi's announcement of 21Days lockdown period is the right and highlyappreciable step. Go out when it's only necessary and urgent. Maintan thedistance at the groceries and pharmacies. Take necessary precautions and pledgeto break the chain.

Help Others:

This pandemic has rippling effect on the global economy.Since last 8 months, we  are facing the worst economic crisis. Our tourismsector, Arts and crafts, Agriculture ,other sectors are in shambles. We don'thave an organized   private sector to rely upon. It would be better for us to look at those who suffer grievously and help them rather than indulgeinsanely in preparing the 'Bundarr feasts. It's gross to see many naggingphilanthropists sharing and shaming their relief distribution pictures on thesocial media.

Market Check:

In coming days, things are going to be very difficult. The marketsare crushing. Supplies are affected due to logistic barriers. This is the mainfor the spike in prices for the food items. The government should act verytough to keep the prices under check and punish those who restore to hoarding.

Lest We Forget…

The world has come stand still due to the  covid spreadbut we cannot stop learning and  compromise on education. Our children arebadly suffering from last 8 months. The only avenue left for them to learn isthe 2G Internet which unfortunately is running at a snails pace .They alreadyhave lost the precious time of their academic session and future is notpromising as well. Tele lectures, video conferencing, can be very handy andpossible only when there is immediate restoration of the 4G services.Unfortunately the decision has been deffered till 15th April.

Let's not forget, our foot soldiers, field functionaries ofthe SMC are out there toiling very hard to prevent and tackle the situation.The installation of disinfectant tunnel at CD Hospital is the paramount need ofthe hour to curb the outbreak. So far it has been the  best sanitation initiative to safeguard bothdoctors and patients. Journalists have been instrumental from the day one tofacilitate the grassroots crusade. Employees of Finance Dept, JK Bank, Nodalofficers, Tehsildars, and other essential services are still attending theirwork assignments, so that we won't suffer. Let's do our bit as well, by selfisolation, social distancing and put a least burden on the administration.

The role of police is highly appreciable in these testingtimes for executing the restrictions in letter and spirit. For maintainingsocial distance, the novel idea of lime marking  outside the entrance ofpharmacies, ATM'S and  groceries initiated by the newly appointed SPGanderbal Mr. Firoz Yehya has not  beenapplauded only but people are actuating it in other districts as well.

Lastly, we should be highly indebted to our doctors andPara medical staffs who are putting up a brave front. They are the mostvulnerable but they haven't given up. They are working tirelessly withoutadequate resources and infrastructure. In this regard, the tireless efforts ofvalley's renowned chest specialist Dr. Naveed Nazir Shah are praise worthy formanaging with the meagre resources. Not only that but his positive attitude hasgiven us hopes that no matter what, we will fight and overcome this monster.

Let's do our bit and ensure that  those at thefrontline are provided with proper protective gear and housing facility, sothat their families cannot be put at risk. On 26th March, Skiims telephonicconsultation announcement is the welcome move. Let's not create unnecessaryburden on them.Their safety is our safety. Hats off to our Heroes!

Remember, these are not the ordinary crises, only ourpatience and precautions can help us to win this big battle.

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