Covid-19: Time to reflect

We don't know where it may end but for sure it is pushing the world into deep recession
Covid-19: Time to reflect
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The Pandemic of covid-19 has brought theworld on its knees. Everything has come to standstill and economy is alsocollapsing so fast. We don't know where it may end but for sure it is pushingthe world into deep recession. Every country is struggling very hard to containthe situation but so far there is no significant breakthrough to curb its spread.At this critical point of time, our safety matters the most. It's high time forus to adhere to advisories and act responsibly. What cannot be cured must beendured. In these challenging times, staying at home, is the safest option butit might not go well with those who suffer from economical or emotional issues.

When our loved ones are by our side, thestiletto moments of life look so trivial. Nothing could beat or bother us.Wecould face death or diseases dauntingly. Those were the best days of life whenour families were extremely close-knit. There was so much of warmth. We stayedtogether to deal with any appalling situation or to teach a lesson to someonewho picked up a fight with us. That social structure defined our strength.There was so much of fun, love and respect in those social circles. Alloccasions were cherished together and all adversities were confronted withresilience and unity. Unfortunately joint families rarely exist now. We havedisintegrated that legacy into nuclear entities and debased our values. Gonewere the days, when we cared so much for others but now we hold our selfinterests above everything. We value only those concerns which serve ourmotives and don't give a damn about other things.

Due to covid-19 lockdown, we couldn't helpbut have to stay inside for the greater good of the society. It might be theright opportunity for the workaholics to relax and rejuvenate themselves. It'sappropriate time for them to reconnect with their families but do you thinkit's going to be that easy for all those who have to deal with the obnoxiouspeople. We may keep our selves busy in doing, exercise, cooking, teaching kids,watching Ertugul but still there are toxic people who will manipulate and grindus down. Imagine when it's a daily affair. We have to overcome the sick feelingand maintain a respectful social distance.

The idle pleasure means there will be a lot of drama. The more it will prolong the more intolerable it will become. How frustrating it can be for a working class to stay at home and get nudged into 'Saas Bahu' scuffles. All those snide remarks and gossips of others are unbearable. They will never stop harbouring their contempt which is more dangerous than covid -19. They spit poison everywhere. It doesn't come as a surprise when they ditch us and turn opportunists. For sure, our quietsome time will turn into quarrelsome. More than covid scare we will be consumed up by our own emotions and expectations. We have to rise above our differences and strive for the  peace. How can we be happy when we carry so much of emotional baggage and expect people are going to be nice with us. Let's try to ease off our burden.

Pray and Prosper

The whole world is going through a toughphase. Only Allah can save us from this catastrophe. We are learning ourlessons from these crises. The sooner the better is to be on the spiritualjourney. The righteous deeds can lead us to the salvation. In Allah'sremembrance and treating people with dignity lies our peace and prosperity.

Give up the Story

When we complain about others we actually get engaged in pity parties. Infact we try to drag the listeners in an emotional spiral. The more we talk about the negative experiences, the more we get attached to the callous behavior. We have to stop wallowing in sorrows. Talking about others is more like digging our heels in disgrace and discomfort. When we put an end to our stories, there will be an end to the self – loathing.

Don't expose your Buttons

When we depend on others for the emotionalsupport, we infact hand over the keys of our affairs to them. We expose ourweak areas and in the long run let them play with our emotions. And there comesa time, when they take us for granted. So it's better to be independent andfight our own battles than feeling miserable before others.

Respect Others

We need to create invisible conversationboundaries. We have to respect our friends as well as foes, so that we cannever give anyone a chance to pass  back-end comments about us. Respect isa give and take process. Our one positive move can make a lot of difference.

Act out of Love

If you want to defeat your enemies, nothingis more powerful than killing them by your generosity. There is no match tokindness. No matter how grave the situation will be, we should n't stop doinggood and be humble.

These are the basics to rise over the toxicpeople and can safeguard you from the future harms. The trick is to stick toyour guns and don't give  others enough space and freedom to get yousucked into their mix.

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