Covid mismanagement- who is responsible?

Appreciation for all front line workers who are tirelessly working to keep us safe
Covid mismanagement- who is responsible?
Health workers during a testing drive at railway station in Jammu. [File: Mir Imran/ GK]

The Covid situation in India remains severe, with new daily infections reported  in the range of 3.50 lakh to over 4 lakhs. At least one out of every three new covid cases around the world today is being recorded in India. Daily deaths from Covid-19 have crossed 4000 and the situation continues frightening as the virus has left people are confused and clueless.

The cental government and the states are working overtime to ensure that the corona virus is contained. However, the medical facilities are stretched to limit and the claims that government was ready to combat the second wave of covid-19 have fallen flat.

Though India exported the vaccines prior to the lethal second wave of the Covid-19 to various countries, the hard hitting of the virus reversed the trend and India is now importing vaccines.

The world stands with India as various countries are supporting it with aid in whatever form, to fight the virus. However, the things don't seem streamlined and mismanagement of the efforts to take the deadly disease head-on to prevent its spread is giving advantage to the virus to hold ground. The deaths due to the covid-19  shattered everyone.

Now the most important question. Who is responsible for this mismanagement leading to thousands of daily deaths in India? The way government is held responsible for this mismanagement, we are equally responsible. Mismanagement of the situation has allowed death to dance freely on streets. The daily infection and death figures are much higher than we are being fed through government press releases and national media.

Government should have been ready for second wave as experts had already flagged for the dangerous situation. It should have developed separate hospitals for covid-19 patients. They should have developed and decentralised oxygen factories and facilities.

With the inception of second wave, BJP, TMS and other political parties were holding election rallies in West Bengal. Now the scenario has emerged that every second person tested in Kolkata is covid positive. Who is responsible? Government, Election Commission of India (ECI) or the people?

The political rallies were held in which thousands of people were present and  coronavirus protocols were violated. Why Election Commission of India didn't stop the political rallies.  At a time when the number of covid cases across the country, and in west Bengal were breaking the world records, how could  such rallies be permitted.

Kumbh mela, in which lakhs of people participated daily, emerged as main source of spreading the virus in its current deadly form. Health minister of Rajasthan, Raghu Sharma said that the kumbh returnees are among the key factors behind the spread of covid cases in state. Why didn't government stop that gathering?

A country has to be strong enough in terms of its foreign policy. But the government failed on that front too. The recent request of India to the US  to supply raw material of covid-19 vaccine is a case in point. But US at the first refused to provide the raw material. Then after facing global pressure the US decided to supply raw material to India. This only speaks about India's level of connection with US. India, a population of 135 Billion, and only few percent of this population has been vaccinated till date. What made India to supply vaccines to other countries when India itself is facing the crunch?

Expert commentators on the Covid crisis say that the recent announcement of prices for covid vaccines has paved way for start of covid capitalism.

Government has failed to manage the crisis despite having the knowledge of the grave impact of the deadliest disease if not handled and managed earlier.

We the people have been lazy to observe standard operating procedures (SOPs) such as wearing masks, observing social distancing and use of sanitizers regularly. The laxity shown by us in this context has thrown an open invitation to the disease to attack us.

Let's work to stop the spread of covid-19. Let's follow SOPs to save ourselves first and then our loved ones. Respect and appreciation for all front lines workers who are tirelessly working day in and day out to keep us safe.

(The author is engineering student at Government Polyethnic College, Srinagar.)

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