Creation entails a purpose

…it is no fun or amusement
Creation entails a purpose
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It is enshrined that creation entails a definite purpose; the creation of universe was no fun or amusement: ''We did not create the sky and the earth and what is between them for amusement'' (21:16)

The Holy Verse implies that creation of heavens and the earth and what lies in between that is the universe was no fun or an idle play, but entailed a great purpose. Nothing in universe happens, which may not be result oriented. It is thus a serious business. Far from being an idle play, it is the pursuit of an ideal, which is striking a natural balance in all acts. Striking the natural balance extends to all acts—individual or societal for right results.

In the Holy Verse that follows, it is made out that had amusement been the purpose, the universe could have been differently shaped, as it is within the divinity to do us, but it was not the intent, it was not willed:

''If We wanted amusement, We could have found it within Us, were We to do so'' (21:17)

The verse make it more emphatic that creation of universe was not meant to be an idle play, had that been the intent, it would have been shaped differently from what it is in its present shape, where every movement has a serious meaning.  The meaning is conveyed in the verse that follows, it sets the intent:

''In fact, We hurl the truth against falsehood, and it crushes it, so it vanishes. Woe unto you, for what you describe'' (21:18)

The verse implies a constant tussle between creative and destructive forces. The creative forces shape as truth—the universal truth overcoming falsehood until it crushes it, so that falsehood—the negativity vanishes. That is indeed the purpose, and woe unto all those, who believe otherwise, which is of universe being a purposeless, idle spectacle. It is rather the ideal spectacle of truth prevailing over falsehood, positivity over negativity.

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