Deep Ayurveda launches Swasani

New Delhi, June 21: Deep Ayurveda has formulated an ayurvedic formulation Swasani which according to the company is ‘very helpful to rejuvenate and heal the entire respiratory system and also detoxifies the lungs and help to increase the immunity of the body.”

Chief Ayurveda Consultant & Director of Deep Ayurveda - DrBaldeep Kaur and CEO-Vishnu Datt said in a statement, “since last 4-5 years we have used this formulation on patients, those who were suffering from respiratory-related issues like cough, cold, seasonal allergies, asthma, bronchitis. Now in this current epidemic, we are also giving this formulation to patients who having respiratory related issues and in our clinical practice, we have found that Swasani is showing very good results to manage respiratory-related issues.”

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