Demanding nobility

In the advertisement column of morning Newspaper, Sir john, Jani, saw a notification of Education department seeking 'Rehbars' for 'Taleem'.
Demanding nobility
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In the advertisement column of morning Newspaper, Sir john, Jani, saw a notification of Education department seeking 'Rehbars' for 'Taleem'. One of the mentioned places was just his neighborhood. Seeking a government job was lurking on his mind for a long time and this notification triggered his desire to enter a 'fixed salaried club', he always felt was the privileged lot. The opportunity knocking his door but, to his dismay, needed a certain basic minimum qualifications. Sadly, Jani have not ever had the privilege of going to a school even at the primary level. Jani was however determined to find a way out. 

It was the coming Sunday when Jani visited a 'Peer Sahab' suggested by a friend. The much acclaimed 'Peer Sahab' supposedly had the power to confer qualifications to even an illiterate person with the touch of his finger. Sitting in front of the Peer Sahab, Jani was directed to hold his breath. Peer Sahab, pouting at something with his half lids closed and blurting interminably, turned his eye balls around, raised a stick and patted Jani on his shoulder. Jani's lungs were about to burst, he no longer could hold his breath when Peer Sahab fumed something at his nostrils and Jani choking for a while went into deep sleep.

Jani found himself in the middle of a mob chanting slogans and waving some certificates in their hands. Jani too had one white hard glittering piece of paper in his hand given by Peer Sahab. The paper had enough qualifications for Jani to be eligible for the Job of teaching. Jani was perplexed, he didn't know why the people were shouting and at whom? He thought he was entering into the profession of teaching driven by  ethics and morality but had landed into the crowd driven by leaders instigating anarchy through sloganeering and unparliamentary diatribes. Jani had an idea of teachers being the clean and soft hearted people like the small children they teach. They spend most of their time with the tender hearted children and acquire the traits they remain exposed with. But few of them, with whom he found himself being pushed, were more of rebellious lot who did not understand the power of pen and ink rather believed in shouts and punching fists.

Jani, silently trailed along the angry procession and watched people fighting with the police, being cane-charged, being chased away, reassembling and hurling abuses on those whom they thought have entered into the system to disturb the status-quo. Jani heard people in the crowd talking about the waves of change  the department is presently confronting. Jani, however, is not the one who is averse to change and 'change for good' is something he would never oppose. Jani, at the spur of moment, decided to go against the tide. He brushed across the crowd and reached the front. The leader holding the mike initially thought Jani had to say something in his support, instantly handed over mike to him. The moment Jani opened his mouth he saw shoes, tomatoes, eggs and abuses flinging upon him. Jani was caught and thrashed. He could not open his eyes and only felt fists, ankles, elbows and foreheads raining down on him. The thumps and knocks, fortunately, shook him out of the Peer Sahab's induced sleep. 

The moment Jani opened his eyes, Peer Sahab asked Jani. Do you want to have the certificate of qualification which you don't deserve? Jani said, 'No'. Do you want to become the part of the group that thrives on nepotism? Jani said 'No'. Do you want to have a group that wants to establish parallel administration? Jani said, 'No'. Do you believe in forcing your opinions on issues of transfers and those pertaining to the betterment of the system? Jani said, 'No'. Do you want to become a teacher who can't teach? Jani picked his Pheran over his shoulders and ran. 

(The writer is a post-graduate in Management Studies from the University of Kashmir)

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