Demonizing Zakir Naik

But the real question remains, why is there such a big propaganda against Zakir Naik.
Demonizing Zakir Naik
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I, and certainly I do not agree with many things Zakir Naik says, as I have a right to disagree with any human being.  But what I do believe in that we should make a truthful and balanced judgement about each person. Now recently there has been a lot of talk about banning Zakir Naik. Some of the reasons given are pure misquotations, for example when he says every 'Muslims should be a terrorist', he is actually trying to first deconstruct the political usage of the word 'terrorist', so that it does not lose its intended meaning. Then he is reaffirming the real meaning of the word 'terrorist', and stress on the fact that no Muslim should be a terrorist. 

He clarifies what he means when he says the following; "This clipping, yes it is me saying it but it is out of context. I said a terrorist is a person who terrorizes someone. I also gave an example that a policeman terrorizes a robber. So, for a robber a policeman is a terrorist. In this context, every Muslim should be a terrorist to the anti-social element,". Any one who is sincere can see his full clip and know that is the truth. 

But the real question remains, why is there such a big propaganda against Zakir Naik. Sadly, this is totally due to different reasons. Zakir Naik represents a rather progressive sect of Islam, which has encouraged female education, and wearing of western suits as long as they remain modest. If anyone bothered to check the fatwa that many Islamic orthodox clergy have against Zakir Naik, there were fatwas against him for him wearing a tie, promoting female education, asking people to read Quran with translation to break the hold of Mullahs on common masses, and even teaching Muslim youth other religious books.  So he is not an extremist but a victim of extremists. They claim they are angry because of his intolerance, where as Zakir Naik has even said that murder of any person, even if anti-Muslim, by a terrorist would be against Islam because giving capital punishment by law to someone is one thing, but killing a person by a terrorist attack is another.

If any government wants to ban Zakik Naik, let them make a questioner and ban all those organizations which hold similar or more extreme beliefs. I am sure the so called fake sufis (not real sufis who love all human beings) would be the first to get banned. 

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