Difficult times ahead

But we need to gear up to bring back some kind of order
Difficult times ahead
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Two million confirmed COVID-19 positive cases and over onehundred twenty five thousand lives already lost including doctors, nurses andother para medical staff, who were on the forefront of this deadly pandemic.

In the meanwhile millions of jobs have been lost.Businesses, big or small, have suffered losses worth trillions of dollars. Thatis why the countries and cities which have been hit the most have begun torealize that they may have to take the stock of the situation and find ways andmeans to re-start work. As all the business or work cannot possibly be run orcarried out from homes or offices alone, the people may have to come out towork and earn a livelihood for themselves and their families.

As it is not possible for any government in the world tolook after or feed people in large numbers in a lockdown for too long. Morelives are likely to be lost because of starvation rather than by indiscriminatespread of an infection. Almost all countries may have by now mobilized alltheir possible resources to fight this pandemic but no country, howsoever,strong is in a position to impose an indefinite lockdown. Therefore, a phasedre-opening of the economy at the earliest is a must. Of course with a maximumpossible advisory for maintaining an overall good hygiene and social distancingas already spelled out by the experts on the subject. It may be impossible torestore one hundred percent normalcy sometime soon. The restoration of airtraffic or passenger train service flooded with enormously big crowds andholding of huge public or private gatherings may still be a farfetched dream.

But every individual across the world now onwards shall haveto take care of himself and his surroundings. And take responsibility of hisown welfare and safety while trying to resume his routine and work. As hereonwards, a completely new work culture is bound to emerge and remain in placeuntil a dependable treatment or vaccine is found to overcome this deadlymenace. Almost all the concerned institutions and companies around the worldright now are working hard on it. But all the experts reckon that despite theirbest possible efforts it is still going to take at least a year or so to testthe efficacy of the vaccine and get necessary clearance.

Therefore we all need to come together and our respectivegovernments are expected to work with each other in complete harmony. It is notconducive to blame each other for bringing this untold misery on the world atlarge. We have to support one another as far as possible while as thegovernments at the helm are supposed to do whatever possible to mange andovercome this crisis of an unprecedented scale.

The world has not faced a situation like this in the recentpast. But it has survived even worst times and challenges before; be that inthe form of a war or a pandemic. But at that point of time we did not have asmany resources or knowledge as we have today. Similarly one day all this willbe over so we shall move on, and try to leave a better world for thegenerations to come next.

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