Divisional Covid 19 Control Room Kashmir appeals Public | Don't pay heed to misinformation, Covid vaccines safe: Dr Talat Jabeen

A health worker administering a COVID-19 jab in Jammu. GK File/Mir Imran
A health worker administering a COVID-19 jab in Jammu. GK File/Mir Imran

Srinagar, June 02: Divisional Administration Kashmir today issued a rebuttal to the media post by DAK President which has created panic amongst masses. The president had said that all those persons who are allergic to any ingredient of Covid-19 vaccine must not receive the jab.

In this connection, the State Surveillance Officer/ Epidemiologist, KashmirDrTalatJabeen, in a statement has informed the public that the vaccination is safe and efficacious, and under present circumstances is the main weapon to combat the dreadful virus. Further she has requested people to adhere to the Covid Appropriate Behaviour to remain safe in this dreadful pandemic.

According to the fact sheet of the Covishield vaccine issued by the Serum Institute of India, the vaccine ingredients are L-Histidine hydrochloride monohydrate, Magnesium chloride hexahydrate, Polysorbate 80, Ethanol, sucrose, sodium chloride, Disodium edetate dehydrate(EDTA), besides water for injection. Further from the fact sheet of vaccine from Bharat Biotech vaccine (COVAXIN) its ingredients are; aluminum hydroxide gel, imidazoquinoline, 2-Phenoxyetonal and phosphate buffer saline. These ingredients are often used in many other vaccines which are given in routine immunization of children and adults.

So far we have administered 3323862 doses of covid vaccine in the Union Territory of J&K as of 1.06.2021 and have not found any severe adverse event of its ingredients in 99.99% beneficiaries. Out of these 3323862 doses given we had only 105(0.0032%) mild adverse events following immunization and 9 (0.0002%) serious adverse events following immunization.

Therefore, the claim in this news item is not correct. The Covid-19 vaccine is completely safe and not a single death was found causally associated with covid vaccination. We must hesitate in forwarding such types of messages on social media /print media & as well as electronic media. The doctor’s fraternity here in Kashmir division also today debunked this news and stated that currently the vaccination is the most potent tool to fight against this virus. We must not pay any heed to any false information circulated in some sections of the media fraternity.

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