Diwali & Bhopal encounter

It is a fit case for Judicial intervention; It is time when our eminent lawyers & Human Rights groups came forward so that truth behind these killings is revealed.
Diwali & Bhopal encounter
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When people across India were busy celebrating "Diwali" the festival of lights, eight young Muslims lodged in Bhopal central Jail in Madhya Pradesh state were shot dead by the local police in the city outskirts. According to Police and Jail authorities all the eight prisoners had been members of banned Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) and had been detained in the jail from last several years. These people according to police have been  involved in some terrorist acts in past , which  was yet to be proved by the trial court ….

ISO certified Bhopal jail : 

The new central jail in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh is located at Karond Bypass road in the outskirts of Bhopal city. In October 2007 this jail was given ISO 9001:2000 certification for meeting the quality management standard systems. The jail has a huge cemented boundary wall which is 35 feet tall. In addition to it there ara not less than a dozen close circuit cameras TV cameras (CCTV) installed in the jail premises. How come it is possible for eight people to climb 35 feet cemented wall of an ISO certified jail using bed-sheets and blankets & jail security men do not watch all this  "drama " ? To climb a 35 feet wall, would take at least 15 to 30 minutes, why didn't jail alarm rang as the jail walls are fitted with several sensors? Was this jail break not being recorded through CCTV cameras and subsequently monitored in the jail control room ? Who caught hold of these blankets and bed-sheets on top of the wall first as it is impossible to climb a wall using rope or bed-sheets when these things are  not properly attached with something on the top ? These acts are not at all possible in real life and one can only see such jail breaks in Bollywood movies. The lawyer of these slain men has also raised similar queries. 

Do terrorists use desi Kattas ?

As per my knowledge whenever there have been Jailbreaks in past , the prisoners have escaped mostly by digging tunnels. There are very few instances wherein prisoners have ran out of a jail by climbing the huge walls of the prison with the help of bed-sheets .Irony is that jail authorities have told media that a steel plate was used to kill the one of the security guards inside the jail. How is it possible that all the escapers would be shot dead within hours just 10 kms away from the jail ? Police claims that some sharp edged weapons and country made guns were recovered from the so called encounter site. If it was an organized jail break , why would these people be provided country made weapons by their handlers ?  When police claims these men were "dreaded terrorists" having links with "Indian Mujahideen" , why would they use sharp edged weapons and country made revolvers (Kattas) to fire at police ? We haven't seen militants or terrorists using desi Kattas (country made guns) or knives ? Why didn't their handlers provide them AK-47 rifles and grenades if this  had  been an  organized Jailbreak  ?  


The purported encounter has only added to the discomfiture of the  Saffronised police and other law enforcing agencies. While no responsible citizen can hold a brief for elements indulging in terrorism, we cannot at the same time allow the security agencies and police run amuck and act in a manner not consistent with the rule of law. The charges against those killed on the eve of Diwali were yet to be proved by the Judiciary. There are several instances wherein the persons  initially arrested for acts of terrorism  were later found to be innocent. The Malegaon & Mecca Masjid bomb blast cases are few such examples. Many innocent Kashmiris too had been arrested on terror charges in past, but there are dozens of cases wherein charges proved to be wrong. Mohammad Maqbool Shah from Lal Bazar Srinagar was only 15 when he was arrested in 1996 by Delhi Police. He had gone to New Delhi for vacations after his Matriculation examination and during his stay in Delhi bomb blast took place in Lajpat Nagar area that killed many innocent people. Maqbool was finally declared innocent by the court in 2010 , but he had to spend 14 years in Tihar jail. Irony is that people across India are made to believe that these cowardly acts are not fake encounters. India is heading towards a communal disaster as minorities especially Muslims , Dalits and Christians feel insecure in Modi's India. In a country where people are killed for eating beef, skinning a dead cow or transporting cattle, how can Narendra Modi  claim that India is shining? Given the sensitivity of Bhopal fake encounter, any investigation by agencies answerable to the executive of the day would lack credibility. It is a fit case for Judicial intervention. It is time when our eminent  lawyers &   Human Rights groups should come forward so that truth behind these killings is revealed.  

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