Don’t be judgemental

Before trying to improve others, let's improve ourselves.
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We, the humans are the crown of creation  as Allah blessed us with the power to think, decide and act. But we have become too judgemental. We are always on toes to judge others, make fun of others, to show supremacy. We make quick judgements on the way people dress, act and talk. We are too much interested in pinpointing weaknesses and mistakes of others while overlooking, and rationalising our own. We always cover our dark side behind a fake good mask. We try to rationalise even our negative acts but try to find faults even in the sincere acts of others. We are humans and we are imperfectly perfect and even our creator never ever expected perfection from us. Mistakes are inescapable part of life. We all do commit mistakes; only level and mode differ. If Allah doesn't  expect perfection from us, who are we to expect perfection from others. If Allah forgives our mistakes, who we are to pass judgement on the character of someone. If we highlight others' sins, will that lessen ours? Definitely not? Rather it will add to ours. Even a bit of arrogance or feeling of superiority can neutralise our good act.

Many of us act too strict on those who are trying to follow deen. What if some one is  a molvi; has vast knowledge of religion, grows a beard, observes religious practices, isn't he a human? Why we over react on a mistake done by a religious person. Why Almighty Allah has given us the option of Tauba ( the repentance) because he knows my creation will make mistakes. No matter how steadfast a person in matters religious, he/she may commit a mistake as they too are humans; they too have same instincts as ours, they too have the same heart.

If someone is practising deen enthusiastically, isn't it a good thing. Rather than appreciating and trying to follow, we are hellbent on judging their intentions? Some people make comments like this is just a show off etc. No doubt  just wearing an Islamic attire doesn't not make a person pious and religious;religious teachings may offer some symbols, but symbols are the all a religion has. We should always remember  that every female in pardah or every male with beard isn't doing this for show off. Many people are doing this for the sake of Almighty Allah's pleasure. They are doing noble acts with pious intention.

Islam never permitted us to use offensive language. Using a word "Lanat" and other abusive words as comments is not permissible. It is an affair between a person and Allah. Let Almighty Allah decide who fits where. We never know when a person seeks repentance and  Almighty Allah forgives him.  Before trying to improve others let's improve ourselves. Live and Let live.

We should always try to act intellectual and avoid being judgemental. We should always try to be like a honey bee that sits on flowers; rather than like a mosquito that breeds on dirt. Appreciate goodness in others and lets not gossip about flaws of others. Lets worry about our affairs. Lets be concerned about our good deeds. Preach deen to others; Correct them but with an intention to correct them rather than to insult them. We are all sinners; only mode and level differ. No one of us is perfect. We should always introspect  our own flaws before judging anyone. In the beautiful words of Sir Alama Iqbal" Na thi jab apnai haal ki khabar ;Rahai dekhtai auru k aib o hunar; padi jab apnai gunahu pe Nazar, Nigah mai koi aur bura na raha"

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