A Bigger Pandemic

Pandemic of hunger is consuming more lives than covid virus
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Image for representational purpose only.Wikimedia/ Sophiabasa

Those who take two meals a day cannot imagine that there a millions on this planet who have nothing to eat; they die of hunger. Those in our society who take pride in show off, and waste money on throwing extravagant parties, must be ashamed of what they are doing. They are actually celebrating the deaths that happen due to hunger. In covid times this crisis has further deepened.

Those who had a good life before this crisis hit, are now struggling to have the ends meet. Their are millions of families that have lost livelihood, and among them a good number teetering on the abyss of hunger. As is poignantly remarked, poverty in the society is a crime that belongs to rich, the deaths due to hunger can be counted are murders by the resourceful.

The countries that spend on weapons, and forget to feed the populations commit a mass murder. And there are barely any countries around the world that don't commit this savage crime. If it sounds little brazen, or outrageous, just go through the report of the anti-poverty organisation Oxfam. It says that 11 people die of hunger every minute. It means each day we have thousands of deaths, and this is just tragic.

Why we turn our gaze away is because we have lost the sense of tragic. Read more of the report; the number has increased six times over the last year. Further, the death toll from famine outpaces that of COVID-19, which kills around seven people per minute.

Now the question. Are we cognisant of the fact that we are going through twin pandemic. First, covid, and the second, hunger. We are struggling to find treatment to the virus, and we are bound to take precautions before we find an effective treatment. But the treatment to the later is known to us. A little bit of sharing can save millions of lives around the globe. But do we really care.

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