A cause of concern

Growing mobile phone addiction among children
A cause of concern
The screen time among the children is increasing with every passing day due to their over- dependence on the mobile phones.Flickr [Creative Commons]

A latest study has revealed that 62.9 percent of parents in Kashmir acknowledge that their children are addicted to the mobile phones.

The findings of the study is a cause of concern, if not totally surprising.

The screen time among the children is increasing with every passing day due to their over- dependence on the mobile phones.

One cannot say that the mobile phone addiction among children is totally due to online classes for the students during COVID related lockdown. There are also some other factors responsible for it and parents are equally responsible for such a scenario.

Now after the reopening of schools, the regular teaching work is going on in class rooms, but have the parents been able to reduce the usage of mobile phones by their children and the related screen time? How many parents motivate their kids towards physical activities, exercising and other such hobbies? Excessive usage of mobile phones is taking a heavy toll on regular, routine and very important interactions between parents and children at home.

These interactions later play an important role in overall personality development of a child. There is no doubt that most working parents are tired and stressed after they return home from work. But their children too need their quality time and should not feel neglected.

With money surely the parents can provide kids the facilities they need. But by giving them adequate time, listening to them and talking to them, they help the kids to learn more positively in family and outside and grow within a social fabric.

The researchers of the study have given a timely call for steps to review reliance on digital education. They have also strongly recommended a well-thought approach to the role of the Internet and digital devices in teaching and learning.

The researchers associated with Department of Social and Preventive Medicine, Government Medical College Srinagar, had carried out the study titled “Increase in Screen Time for Children in COVID Times and its effects” to analyse the patterns in electronic device usage among children.

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