A dignified attire

We need to understand the value of modesty
A dignified attire
"If a girl wears a hijab, she has to make sure that she is doing it only for the sake of Allah (SWT). This is the first and foremost thing."Special arrangement


Is it the most beautiful and charming garment? Is it really so? Let us understand what actually Quran states what about covering the body, and how to do it.

In Chapter 33 (al-Ahzab), verse 59, Allah gives the following command to Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W): “O Prophet! Say to your wives, your daughters, and the women of the believers that: they should letdown upon themselves their jalabib.” Jilbab simply means the loose outer garment.

What do you think when you see a girl wearing niqab?

When I asked the same question during the survey through social media, the answer I got from a teenage boy was, “whenever I see a girl in niqab I try to stop myself from doing anything bad. My respect for her increases in my heart and I always wish happiness and prosperity for her.”

In holy book Quran it is stated in chapter 24, An-Nur (The Light): “Say to the believing men that they should lower their gaze and protect their private parts. This is more pure for them. Indeed Allah is Well-Aware of what they do.” (Surah Nur: 30)

Thus men must lower their gaze whenever they see a girl passing by. It is the hijab for men but today most of them seem to have forgotten this. One of the most beautiful answers to the question was by a girl: “When I see a simple girl, wearing simple niqaab, walking confidently and with modesty, I wish to be like her because she represents her religion beautifully.”

If a girl wears a hijab, she has to make sure that she is doing it only for the sake of Allah (SWT). This is the first and foremost thing. Wearing a headscarf is no victory at all but the real victory is if you wear it properly. It is not for the purpose of fashion, or God forbid for doing a wrong thing.

It is that beautiful garment which the wives and daughters of our beloved prophet Muhammad (SAW) have worn. So please do not bring a bad repute to it. It would truly be a pleasure if each girl wears it in a proper manner.

To be honest, hijab gives me a sense of happiness. I feel like it is the most beautiful and decent form of representing a religion and also the wonderful way of representing yourself too.

We all remember that a single sinner sinks the whole boat. But in the case of pardah it shouldn’t be like that. Why have we made this beautiful gift as if it is of no use. And those girls who wear it for the sake of Allah also get affected by such perception.

Please wear your niqab or even your simple headscarf appropriately. Respect your most beautiful, charming and precious jewel – your personality. Allah knows how to beautify humans and he has beautifully created us.

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