A mark of respect

These moments are filled with joy

This special day marks the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvapelli Radhakrishnan as a tribute to his contributions and achievements in the field of education. He was a Bharat Ratna Awardee which is the highest civilian award. He also served as the vice- president of India.  He was a great philosopher, scholar and above all a great teacher. He emphasized the need for moral education and self-discipline. He felt education as the refinement of heart and self-discipline. His views and suggestions were quite applicable which are relevant even today. He considered that education is incomplete until the integrity of character is imparted to child. Apart from this, many great educationists today consider that education is not only the acquiring of knowledge but the overall development of child. Moral education is the one that initiates the values of love, truth, goodness and beauty of character in children. No education is better in this world which can’t set the life to the social principles.

The importance of education is not only to acquire knowledge and skill, but it is to help us know how to acquire the universal love based on humanity, mutual help, cooperation, self-sacrifice and self abnegation. Teachers should not forget to develop this package of values among the students. The role of teachers should be akin to Radhakrishan’s thoughts and ideas as he is the true guide for teachers.

Radhakrishnan was of the opinion that the importance of education means to change the life of individuals and the challenges can be conquered through the education. This all can be achieved when teachers play a significant role in promoting true philosophy of educations. It is true that a teacher can mould students in different walks of life. All the realms of knowledge that students want to achieve is possible by teachers. Indeed, teachers have a great reputation and respect among students only because they mould them in schools by developing their mind and shaping moral base.

On this day, all the students show their presence in schools bringing gifts for their favorite teachers. There is a full charm and excitement for celebrating the teachers’ day. These moments are filled with joy and spirit. Students participate in different cultural programs for showing their hidden talent. Students also mimic their teachers; how they teach in classrooms. That makes this celebration lively.

It is the day which students feel the most important day in their life. It is a unique unconditional bond based on emotions, sympathy, and feelings that grow steadily. Students start preparations for short speeches to praise their teachers. They pass on positive comments and compliments for their teachers. Teachers’ profession is a noble profession and all the other professions evolve from it. This day has been a great significance in history since the value of teachers is acknowledged.

Teachers also enjoy this day with the students for refreshing their minds by sharing some special events of life that have a great value and importance. It is the occasion on which teachers share their life experiences, struggles, and achievements that would truly reflect positive signs in students. It is the fact that students imitate everything from their teachers and lessons which they teach to them will not go waste. Teachers are well aware about their profession that they sacrifice their own career for shaping the young minds of the nation. They keep on working dedicatedly for nourishing students. One can’t measure the respect and value of teachers by giving some gold chains. It is the top most precious item in the world whose price is hard to determine. The value of teachers is beyond one’s perception and thinking.

This celebration gives number of lessons that the teachers must take care of:

Unconditional bonding between teachers and students is sacred: Teachers should always think they have to groom their students morally and enlighten them with positive insights for making good career choices in future. Students always trust their teachers only because they will show them right path.

No gender bias in classrooms: There should be no bias in classrooms. Teachers have to take all students equally and there should be inclusivity in teaching and learning.

Maintain integrity and character: Teaching is not only the parameter with which teachers can be judged in schools but character is that tool which directly influences students and they follow their teachers’ words and advices.

Remember, teachers are second parents:  Teachers are considered second parents, and the parenting role is very important that teachers should show towards their students. Teachers must remember that they are teaching their own sons and daughters. The real parents trust these teachers that their wards are in safe hands. 

The writer is a teacher

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