A passion for being a YouTuber

Many kids are venturing into video-making on the sidelines of their studies
A passion for being a YouTuber
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Gone are the days when kids, even grown ups, were fond of listening to the bedtime stories of prince and princess from their parents. Gone are the fantasies when the children would have merry-making time by playing moon games and moon cakes.

Today, kids are smarter who look for logic and argue for things. These smarties know the difference between a candy and a toffee. They cannot be wooed and are always ready to call a spade a spade.

This is what my mother often tells me. She calls today’s kids amazing, as she finds kids like me striving for a difference. She is always ready with a story of her childhood whenever she watches me using a laptop and producing videos for my gaming YouTube channel — Heavy Mining Gaming.

Yes, I have a passion for being a YouTuber. Since 2019, I have been trying my hands to learn the art of devising content for videos, recording it and then editing it. I would frequently browse internet to go through the content from websites guiding to make videos, especially the gaming videos.

For a year or so, it was too difficult for me to make a video and upload it on my YouTube channel, as it was not easy to comprehend the guidelines which I would find on the Internet.

However, I would always bank upon my mother to make me understand the complex sentences which were beyond the comprehension of a kid like me.

She would gladly make things easy for me while decoding the guidelines in a most lucid and easy manner. I am not a lone kid who is into a journey of being a gaming YouTuber.

There are innumerable kids emerging as successful YouTubers. We as kids have a huge appetite to use technology for our benefit. I have been observing innumerable kids marking their presence on the World Wide Web as YouTubers, particularly gaming YouTubers, trying to shape a sort of career out of it on the sidelines of their schooling.

I find gaming is no more a fun, it’s a way to build a career if the art of video making is mastered. A kid like me needs encouragement from the people, firstly from his own network of families and societies. Initially, I had 23 subscribers and was getting almost 100 hits for my videos.

My initial video, which was about Minecraft, got 100 plus hits. Today my gaming channel Heavy mining gaming has a hundred plus subscribers and this response has encouraged me to produce more and more videos. Right now, my main goal as a YouTuber is to archive 1 Million+ subscriptions and would aspire to be a popular YouTuber for the sake of entertaining the viewers.

I have started focussing now more on Live streams, because it is much more easier than making a video and then spend a lot of time on editing it. In live-streaming I don’t need to work too hard as the time of editing a video and uploading it gets subtracted, and I have to just play the game and make my viewers happy.

As there are many teenage YouTubers in his age category who give up posting videos after they don’t receive any acknowledgement or encouragement.

Once I also had to face such situation as my videos were unnoticed in the beginning and felt bogged down. Many people asked me to stop posting ‘useless or boring’ content. Instead of guiding me, there were people who tried to demotivate me.

However, I never gave up and kept working hard. My family, more particularly my mother, who is a journalist by profession, has played an important role in my YouTube journey.

There are only 40% percent YouTubers who stay around and continue to keep up their work, while the rest of them give up. The people who don’t give up enjoy the success.

The main thing behind the disappointment is the audience response, because viewers only support the renowned YouTubers and don’t support the starters, and this is the biggest thing behind their disappointment, which leads them to depression.

Only some succeed in their YouTube career. There is a message for every new YouTuber of my category, who are thinking to start a channel or have started and are struggling to gain subscription; they should not get demotivated, just keep up your good work. One who stays motivated wins the game.

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