Actualising the potential

A person is able to get the answers to the most fundamental questions like: what’s my purpose in life
Actualising the potential
"Freedom and liberty are the propellers that enable a person to meditate into the depths of their true nature. "Pixabay [Creative Commons]


“Flapping wings against the winds

Piercing the clouds

A bird flies high in the periphery of the sky“

A nation or a state must be like an ecosystem that enables a person to realise its true potential.

It could well be conversed to nature that provides the basic nourishment to its creatures so that they achieve the opportunity to flourish without much interference on their ability to grow.

I might be sounding like a negative liberalist but there is one difference which is humanism and equity: the respect and appreciation for difference in abilities.

That’s where the state comes into play. The state must ensure that rules and laws are forged in a manner that respect the differences but also ensures that Individual initiative does not become a causality.

Freedom and liberty are the propellers that enable a person to meditate into the depths of their true nature. One dips into their deep consciousness and finds that jewel that’s residing inside the core of one’s personality.

The process of realisation of one’s own nature, understanding of potential, development of the personality and living life under the light of this realisation is one of the most profound experiences a human can attain. Great scientists, artists and social reformers speak about these experiences with great respect to the forces that allowed the fructification of their potentials.

It becomes the hologram that reflects the sheen of their true inner character. It shines in the form of their ability, we call aptitude.

A person is able to get the answers to the most fundamental questions like: what’s my purpose in life.

The individual realises that it is this jewel of his personhood that he needs to Rub, Polish and Decorate, so that this crude potential is smoothened and refined to take the superior form of actuality.

The Aim of life is the journey of this Jewel, from potential to actuality.

Even Aristotle spoke about the importance of potential and Actuality like a seed on its journey to becoming a tree.

A human being is pestered by the curious mind to ask questions about the ultimate nature of reality. This is a mechanism by means of which the curious mind attains satisfaction and deliverance from unrest.

A state system must allow this deliverance to take place without obstruction, lest it endangers human initiative. The support will encourage human initiative which can graduate into contribution to the socio-economic, political, and scientific fabric of life.

The suppression of the freedom ends up impeding the potential-the jewel. And converts fine human beings into herds of sheep, into programmed bots, who have a limited initiative.

Self realisation is an end and a basic need of a rational being. However, a person who is unable to realise his true potential ends up living an unauthentic life.

As emphasised by existentialists like Jean Paul Sartre that the focus of all activity must be the individual. Not just the existing being, but the, living, acting, working, and feeling being.

The intention of the state system must be to provide opportunities to allow individuals to unlock their potentials- enable their search for the jewel.

Even Buddha spoke about the attainment of Nirvana; as the removal of obstruction to have a clear vision of reality.

A person needs his personhood to be respected and given space so that he could use his rational and physical abilities to forge a future for himself and attain his jewel in life.

A future characterised by pointed endeavour, so the seed is allowed to become a full fledged tree-culminating into a prosperous society of satisfied individuals constituting a harmonious whole.

The author has authored a book titled ‘Rizan A Novel’ and works at JK Bank.

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