Atomic nucleus & its orbit

…Quran describes the phenomenon
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The atomic nucleus and the electrons that sweep along in their orbits is a scientific revelation that finds an elaborate explanation in Holy Quran, and such a phenomenon finds resonance in other creative forms:

‘’No! I swear by hunnas (the descenders) those which sweep along in their kunnas (orbits)’’ (81: 15 & 16)

A variant translation could be put as:

‘’No! I swear by those (which recede and disappear) those which sweep along in their (orbits)

In Quranic idiom the words—Hunnas and Kunnas could be described as:

Hunnas: The opposite of flow; to descend, contract, shrink, fold up

Kunnas: A certain route, orbit or trajectory; the channel or the nest of a moving object

We may now examine, as to how it relates to an isolated atom, the smallest constituent of ordinary matter –in the nucleus, a gigantic amount of energy has been’ folded up’ or concentrated (hunnas) and the electrons that sweep along in their orbits (nests or shells: kunnas) This is a dual system which bears both the secrets of hunnas and kunnas within it.

From an astronomical viewpoint, there are locations of dead stars (black holes) which have contracted and finally receded (the hunnas) side by side with quasars (white holes) out of which gigantic amounts of energy flow (kunnas)

According to theory of Andrei Sakharov, the present universe is the anti-universe of another that receded and disappeared (another example of hunnas). That universe is now quiescent, counterbalancing the universe of motion that presently exists (kunnas)

The hunnas and kunnas thus relate to creative forms as balancing factor, if it were to come apart by divine command, one could only imagine the destruction that could occur, such as prior to promised resurrection.

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