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The dilapidated road, and the defunct drainage system at Barsoo Awantipora causes immense hardships
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The dilapidated condition of roads & defunct drainage system of the village Barsoo, tehsil awantipora, district Pulwama, situated some 4 km from Awantipora has caused immense hardships to people. The residents allege that the village is deprived of basic amenities even in modern times, due to which the people have to face multiple difficulties.

"During the last several years, a new era of construction and development has started in the villages, new roads were constructed, but no step has been taken in our village."

The general public especially the youth said the inner roads of the village are in very poor condition and it becomes impossible for them to walk in rains or snow.

It has become impossible for the worshippers to reach the mosque during rains. The school children & teachers are facing immense hardships during rainy days. "In bad weather, due to the bad road patch up to the school, parents have to bring their children home from school by themselves, while due to dust during sunny days, their uniforms & shoes become unusable within a day.”

The roads in the village are dotted with potholes. Besides the physical inconvenience, the dilapidated roads have also added to the risk of accidents with the drivers almost crashing into the nearby vehicle every time they try to avoid a huge pothole.

Roads give a camel ride feeling to motorists; saving pedestrians from those tragic wheel splashes during rains & billows of dust during dry weather.

Everyone blames the village's inadequate drainage system for the dilapidated condition of the roads. The motorists especially, despite paying hefty sums as road tax while purchasing the vehicles, are now paying through their nose for the maintenance of the vehicles. “we pay a huge amount in the form of 9% road tax while purchasing a vehicle towards the RTO for the better road facility & connectivity, but the govt. failed to provide the same.

On daily basis, this becomes a source of disappointment for commuters. Smooth roads & good drainage system all of us need. The above urgently requires fresh blacktopping to ease the lives of commuters but before that drainage system along the road is to be constructed.

Macadamization of internal roads of village Barsoo was done 12 years ago & if we see the neighbouring villages (Goripora, Lethapora, Bamderpora, etc), the roads are smooth. The drainage system especially from Lal chowk mohalla to bus stop 2nd is in a defunct condition.

The present drainage system is so defective that a good shower would turn the whole area into a collection of small lakes and ponds. The clogging of water in some of these parts of the locality becomes deep and life comes to a grinding halt during rains.

The drainage system is totally out of order, contaminated water gets accumulated and due to bad smell, this develops into a breeding ground for mosquitoes, resulting in yet another menace in the form of malaria. The health of the people in the locality is in danger.

Shockingly, the concerned department has not taken any steps for improvement in the drainage system so far. Many a time this problem has been brought to the concerned development authority but nothing has been done.

On behalf of my village Barsoo I request LG administration & the concerned R&B department division Awantipora to macadamize the internal road of village Barsoo & construct the drainage system which is 3 km only along the road from the main stop Barsoo to 2nd stop ( Dalharpora).

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