Baramulla: Cricket's New Dawn

These two cricketers are changing the narrative of what's possible for the youth in Baramulla
Baramulla: Cricket's New Dawn


In the tranquil villages of Baramulla, where the echoes of conflict have lingered for years, two cricketing giants have emerged, redefining the region's sporting narrative. RCC Reds Rohama and Sultan Warriors Baramulla are not just cricket teams, they are symbols of hope, unity, and the power of sports to bring about a positive change.

RCC Reds Rohama, based in the idyllic village of Rohama Rafiabad, has been a ray of hope for the youth caught in the clutches of drug addiction. Against the backdrop of despair, this team has risen as a beacon, leading young, impressionable minds away from substance abuse and towards the joy of sports. The Mir Shafi Sports Ground Rohama, surrounded by nature's splendor, now witnesses a revival as people gather to celebrate the spirit of cricket.

At the heart of RCC Reds Rohama stands Mehraj Mir, affectionately known as 'Man Pandu.' This 25-year-old cricketer has a knack for leaving spectators on the edge with his spectacular fours and sixes. Beyond his cricketing prowess, Man Pandu is a role model, demonstrating that there are alternative paths to success. In a region where traditional career choices have always been limited to MBBS, Engineering, and Civil Services, Man Pandu's journey is a testament to the power of choice and the courage to tread the less-traveled path.

But the story doesn't end here. Baramulla boasts its cricketing gem, Jehangir Lone, lovingly called 'Jack Lone', who plays for Sultan Warriors Baramulla. Jack Lone's story mirrors Man Pandu's, and he is inspiring countless young talents in the region to pick up a cricket bat and dream big. Together, these two cricketers are changing the narrative of what's possible for the youth in Baramulla.

The message is clear: Kashmir needs a diverse array of career options to empower its youth, reducing the undue pressure of securing a government job. It's a call for innovation, exploration, and the courage to choose one's unique path.

Furthermore, the government must step up and invest in sports infrastructure. The "Mir Shafi Sports Ground Rohama" could be a symbol of transformation if provided with the necessary facilities and amenities. Such investments not only nurture talent but also inspire more youngsters to embrace sports as a way of life.

RCC Reds Rohama and Sultan Warriors Baramulla have emerged as symbols of resilience and change. Their stories resonate not only in Baramulla but serve as an inspiration throughout Kashmir. The youth of Kashmir deserve a world of opportunities, and it's our collective responsibility to provide them with the resources and encouragement they need to explore uncharted territories and shape their destinies.

Cricket, once overshadowed by the conflict, now stands as a unifying force, bringing people together, and leading the way towards a brighter future in the valley.

Saleem Rashid Shah is a literary critic and an independent writer based in New Delhi. He can be reached at:

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