Before taking a decision

Here the attitude should be guided by knowledge, wisdom, and responsibility
Before taking a decision
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As the reported covid cases are now significantly less than what it used to be at the peak of the second wave, there is reason to feel relieved. After many weeks we have had a day that didn't report a death due to this virus. With this the spaces of public activity have started witnessing some life. Some of the health resorts have seen unprecedented crowds, and the pictures of the same breed worry. It is true that people need a break from the suffocating weeks of lockdown, but this is the time to remind ourselves that the virus has not disappeared.

So a degree of caution should always accompany us, no matter where we are. What is happening at different public spaces, in terms of people gathering in huge crowds, may be explained by the intuitive behaviour of people to enjoy some normal time after having been caged in an abnormal situation. May be it can be excused to a degree. But the decisions taken by the government should not be affected by such mindset. Here the attitude should be guided by knowledge, wisdom, and responsibility. The case in point is the opening up of the schools.

Though one would wish to see children back to classes sooner than later, but it is time to put a sobering reality check on our desires. The decision should be taken keeping in mind all the risks that it entails. The warnings about a third wave are still in air, and the experts keep emphasising on the need to keep the guard.

Education has suffered immensely but there was no choice with us than to compensate the loss, to whatever degree we could, by shifting to online mode. We might have to suffer more loss on this count but any haste to open schools can further complicate things.

So it is wise to apply restrain on our wish, and a genuine wish, to see the in-person classes started. At the same time the concerned officials need to dispel any misinformation that is in air regarding the opening of schools. It was good to see the Div Com making the government's viewpoint clear some days back by issuing an unambiguous statement regarding this matter.

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