Brari Nambal: From Freshness to Filth

The work on this water body must be undertaken with a sense of urgency
Brari Nambal: From Freshness to Filth
Weeds have engulfed a large expanse of its waters. The water body has been extensively encroached upon on the Baba Demb side.Mubashir Khan for Greater Kashmir

It is a water body situated in the heart of the Srinagar city, and it is dying. There was a time that this water body was crystal clear, but now it is almost a waste dump.

And this transition speaks about the criminal neglect on part of both, people and the government.

Since the water body sits in the centre of the city, its role in the city’s water regulation is crucial. Such an important water body, that attracted tourists because of its beauty has now turned into a cesspool.

It stinks and repels the people that go near it. Another assault mounted on the water body is in the form of encroachment.

Some years back this newspaper undertook a sustained campaign focussing on the condition of Brari Nambal and the need for a restoration plan. As a result of this Government did formulate a restoration plan. But years on we haven’t seen any improvement in the condition of this water body.

It’s all filth, and it stinks. This condition of the water body reflects a serious failure of the government. Once again there is need to focus on the restoration of this water body, and remind the concerned departments that Brari Nambal calls for immediate attention.

We often hear about the revival of Dal Lake, because there is a degree of focus on this water body.

But it’s not just the popularity of a water body that makes it important, it is the actual role it plays in the ecosystem of a place.

That way Brari Nambal is as crucial as Dal Lake or any other major water body in Kashmir. It needs restoration on a war footing.

Just making announcements, and then some cosmetic touches, is not going to serve any purpose. Government needs to pick up the threads from the earlier restoration plans and start afresh.

The work on this water body must be undertaken with a sense of urgency, and progress must be measured regularly.

If the government is really serious in its assertion that environment is a priority, Brari Nambal constitutes the litmus test.

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