Caring for career and why not

If we go by statistics, then we are the most unemployed state or union territory of the country figuring closely next to Haryana
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The poet says

duniyā ne terī yaad se begāna kar diyā

tujh se bhī dil-fareb haiñ ġham rozgār ke

This world has caused me to forget all thoughts of you (referring to God), because the sorrows of subsistence are more deceitful. These lines underline the foremost concern of the youth of the day, here and elsewhere.

As we make the career, then we make the marriage, the family and the fun. Career carries us through. We have an ease and an access to sort the problems of life.

Money matters, and it is rightly so. However, not everyone can make a career but a means of livelihood would suffice. Bread earners matter much in the family and sometimes across the whole dynasty.

In the common kashmiri aura, Mulaezim is an iconic figure in the family be it anything from a peon to a professor.

Now let us have a close look at our share of the jobs. If we go by statistics, then we are the most unemployed state or union territory of the country figuring closely next to Haryana. As on March 2022, we have an unemployment rate of 25.1% while Haryana is leading at 26.72%. People say, we don’t have industry or infrastructure but it is also about not being worth the job market.

Being educated is different from being employable. Everyone is doing an M.A and a PhD and then desiring to be a contractual though I pronounce it as kantranktual to provoke them for good. All are having the same rotten goal, older than the old.

By choosing to opt for same scheme of career as everyone else, we are over-saturating an already saturated sector, diminishing the job prospectus more than ever. Don’t line up in the queue. Just diffuse and disperse in search of other options.

While-as covid has brought us a herd immunity, God knows what has brought us a herd mentality. A common guess is that, being sheep meat eaters, we have developed a strong flocking instinct. We cease to be a diverse human habitation. It does not make sense to follow those who have already fallen, but we still do.

Why aren’t our youth making themselves eligible for the N number of executive, managerial, technical and non-teaching jobs offered and advertised by UPSC, PSUs, state PSCs, SSBs and other recruiting agencies in the private sector.

While-as unemployment is due to qualified youth not getting the desired jobs, it is also due to companies not getting the candidates with desired skill. What is the fun of piling up degrees without being able to crack competitions and securing jobs. Why should anyone care for such degrees. I am saying it with genuine concern and curiosity and absolutely no offense to anyone’s competence or the level of education.

I was especially filled with awe to see the pool of un-manifested talent while compiling the list of contractuals for Kashmir division colleges in physical sciences, the previous year. It is high time for the students or careerists to learn to use their brain cells in an organised manner.

While in Rome don’t do as the Romans do. It doesn’t work anymore. Rather, the quote of the day is, ’In a world of Kardashians be a Curie.’ Although Kim Kardashian is enjoying her life without hurting anyone, one should also look at Madam Curie to gain a greater approval in life.

Doing a different thing would be a little difficult but it will always pay with honour. Dating back to the times when we were students, everyone would opt to do MBBS but the handful of those who opted for non-medical stream made a better career sooner than expected. By now, engineering careers are also on the downside of the graph.

The lead is taken by data science, industry and artificial intelligence. Quantum physics is doing wonders everywhere. While in 21st century, we are living in an always evolving world where there are changes in everything, every time and everywhere, at a much faster rate than ever before. Quite obviously, we and our choices keep getting outdated everyday unless we keep ourselves updated at a less or equal pace.

Before making a career choice, one should not get influenced by what others are doing. Rather one should keep all the options open and take some aptitude tests before taking a final call in this matter.

One can also choose to be in sports and athletics. Given the abilities one has, one should opt a field where demand and apply ratio is in order. Wiser than anything would be to get self-employed, if possible.

Moreover, government jobs are not something worth dying for. A recent national TV debate has triggered this opinion in a far more pronounced way. Government employed population percentage of a state has not to do much with its progress.

While citing an example, it was said that the state of Bihar produces the highest number of civil servants every year and yet it is far from development. Government service raises the individual profiles while-as the society at large is still pending with all issues.

To do a greater good to the society we need to generate hope, generate employment. Be an Ambani, an Azim Premji, a Bill Gates or a Laxmi Mittal. Some of them had a capital in hand and some began from zero but all landed high.

They worked hard and are still working. It is said that Bill Gates never took a day off until he was 31. Be a brand and not just a name. Be an institution and not just an individual. Work hard, dream high, dream better and be practical.

Dr. Qudsia Gani, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, Govt. College for Women Srinagar

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are the personal opinions of the author.

The facts, analysis, assumptions and perspective appearing in the article do not reflect the views of GK.

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