Celebrating Senior Citizens

Not a liability but invaluable asset for families and society

On Monday the world senior citizens' day was observed. The day is being observed every year on August 21 to raise awareness about the contributions of the senior citizens for the society and also to have a view of the issues being faced by them.

Several functions were held on world senior citizens day in Jammu and Kashmir and other parts of the country. In India, a person of the age of 60 or above is a senior citizen. The government has kept some schemes available for the benefit of the senior citizens.

Besides the government, the society as a whole and more particularly the  families which they belong to have the responsibility of taking good care of them. These citizens during their youth contribute a lot for the welfare and benefit of their families and the society.

And when they reach the age of 60 and above they should not be pushed to the loneliness. The senior citizens must get the same care, respect and support in their old age which they were earlier giving to their family members and the society.

Those facing financial and health issues need extra care. They should not be left to suffer due to lack of care and support from their families and others, who matter to them.

They should be made feel important as they were in youth while supporting their respective families and the society.

Regular interactions with them at family level help them to overcome the feelings of loneliness and isolation. Some of the elderly persons have lost their life partners and their loss is affecting them emotionally and psychologically.

It is the responsibility of their families to help such elderly members. There are some senior citizens not having young family members to support them. The neighbours, relatives, friends and others must support them.

The schemes launched by the government for the welfare of elderly persons must be effectively implemented so that those reach to them.

Awareness must be created among the elderly persons about such schemes so that they get benefited. The senior citizens should have the required facilities while visiting hospitals for treatment. They should not be made to face problems amid the usual heavy rush in hospitals.

They must not have to wait in long queues for being examined by the doctors or for undergoing tests. Even in public transport and banks, facilities for their convenience have to be there.

Having contributed enormously for their families and society during youth, they should not be made to live a life of helplessness in their old age. They should get all the required support they need at all levels by all, who are duty bound to provide such a support to them. Everybody has to reach this stage in life.

So, treat the elderly persons well in every way. They are not a liability but an invaluable asset because of their invaluable contributions for families and the society during their youth.

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