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Let us not forget to hail JKPSC for conducting CCE examination within its time frame
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We are well aware about the government exams conducted by JKSSB and JKPSC from time to time, and services allocated to the candidates. For that matter let us not forget the UPSC. Every year 10 lakh students sit for this prestigious exam for the 800 allocated seats.

The story of the Rajat Sambyal from Jammu shocked the aspirants by his tweet “All the hard work went into ashes”. In the meantime let us not forget the hard work, perseverance of these candidates.

They are giving the best fruitful years of their life to this very exam. But expecting a result at the definite time and a fair selection.

Assuming themselves in the boat of competitors. Let us not forget to hail JKPSC for conducting CCE examination within its time frame.

Now comes the unfortunate part of protests by the students who worked really hard for any exam, one tier, two tier and three tier. A certain level of preparation goes behind it.

Expectations and preference of one over other. Let us not forget the weaker section who could not afford 1000 rupees of fee for the form. I repeat they don’t afford it.

The finance inspector post which was advertised by JKSSB way back in the year 2020, December; the calendar notified, and then the exam was not conducted.

Kashmir being a hypersensitive area, private jobs are not common as in other parts of the country.

The recent example of Sub-inspector and Finance Accounts Assistant, then holding of exams, and finally scrapping after being conducted. What is this government and the administration is actually doing.

The most affected ones are the young generation.

These exams test the mental grit of students and for the Kashmiris it’s more than that. The FAA students are protesting and expecting relief.

Drug addiction and other social issues are being widely discussed and these issues have come to the forefront. The employment of the nation is at an all time low. We tend to be focused on “ You have fever instead of focusing on why you have fever”.

Everything is process bound. UPSC conducts its exam every year. Everything is transparent and time bound but in Jammu & Kashmir we come across scams etc.

This affects none but the young generation, young fertile minds. About 1 lakh 20 thousand students appeared in FAA exams, one died of heart attack. Just see the seriousness of a candidate.

Someone is deceiving us by just taking money, and scams thus surface up. The mental health issues start from here. Identify the disease, then its cure.

Sehrish Ahsan Janwari , UPSC Aspirant.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are the personal opinions of the author.

The facts, analysis, assumptions and perspective appearing in the article do not reflect the views of GK.

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