Construct school buildings

Lack of proper space affecting normal work in several schools

A number of government schools in several parts of Jammu and Kashmir are functioning without proper buildings and adequate space.

Subsequently, it is affecting the class work in such schools. Reports say that the government high school Hayan in Kangan area is functioning from a building which is in dilapidated condition, and from a tin shed.

Similarly an under-construction building for government primary school Bandian Nar in Rajouri district is not getting completed for last 11 years.

Subsequently, the classes are taken from this under construction school building. The students and teachers face lot of problems. Some other government schools in J&K also lack space to operate properly.

There are schools, which have buildings but the classrooms are inadequate. In such schools more than one classes operate in a single room and sometimes the classes are conducted in the open.

In case of rough weather these classes are cancelled and the precious time of the students get wasted.

There is a need for a survey by the school education department to find out which schools lack proper accommodation.

Subsequently, the concerned authorities must take steps for providing the accommodation by constructing new buildings. If this is not done at the earliest, the class work would continue to suffer.

At a time when the roll of students is dropping in a number of government schools, taking measures for better school buildings is an imperative.

The department has been taking steps for last some years to motivate other students, going to private schools, to join government schools.

Campaigns are being run in this direction and some facilities are also being provided to the students for this purpose. It is a good move and must continue.

But if the schools do not have proper buildings, how can the other students be motivated to join the government schools. Constructing new buildings where ever needed is important.

The students must also have proper toilet and drinking water facilities available. Libraries and laboratories must be made available for the students, who need it.

There is a need to  bring an overall change as far as providing of infrastructure in government schools is concerned. The change must be swift. Unnecessary delay in providing such facilities can hamper the efforts for increasing the roll in government schools and creating a better environment for leaning.

Shortage of teaching staff is another problem, which some schools face. This problem too needs to be taken care of. Because of the shortage of teachers the students suffer and so do their studies.

As per reports some schools have staff more than required. Such staff can be utilised in schools, which do not have the required number of teachers.

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