Crisis Ahead

The future of this country is in the hands of its own people
Crisis Ahead
There is no denying the fact that Taliban have fought a relentless war of over twenty years against occupation of their country by the American forces and won it.Wikimedia/ isafmedia

Americans have abruptly washed off their hands from its 'war on terror' in Afghanistan. It was launched in the year 2001 soon after 9/11 attack of twin towers in the New York. Simply because they failed to tame the Afghan war people by use of all the force and might at their command. Prior to this USSR had tried to do it. But they were not able to make any headway either. But they have indeed succeeded in splitting the people in Afghanistan into different fractions and sects. Some wanting to move ahead with the rest of the world while as others are inclined to follow their traditional way of life. Either way it is a matter of choice and should not be ordinarily a matter of concern for others. But both need to be tolerant of each other and shall allow all to follow the way of life they want.

That seems to have not been happening at all as people in large numbers including erstwhile rulers have fled the country for fear of being subjected to persecution by the Taliban for being on the wrong side of the fence.

There is no denying the fact that Taliban have fought a relentless war of over twenty years against occupation of their country by the American forces and won it. But the real war to rebuild a war torn country is easier said than done. Afghanistan on its own cannot do it. The World community as a whole including the US needs to come forward and give them all out support and the finances for it. Pakistan and India have to play their role to ensure stability in the region. There cannot be an embargo on women working side by side with men or the girls continuing with the education or pursuing their dreams. The foreign spokesperson of the country in his recent interview has assured all this but has sought time.

If we take the example of Vietnam it once saw far more death and destruction at the hands of Americans as the Afghan people have seen now. The war in Vietnam had also incidentally lasted for about twenty years and was called off only after a large scale opposition from within the US as it had cast them lot of their lives and money. But once the war was over they got together and wasted no time to rebuild their country from a scratch. Today it is an economically viable state and is competing with any other developed country in the world. Be it in the field of trade, education or science. The Doha Declaration in this regard has to be implemented in letter and spirit.

Likewise new Afghan dispensation headed by the Taliban should work hard to improve the otherwise miserable plight of its own people. Bring order across the country and cannot afford to let lose the fringe elements to target the minorities and sow the seeds of discord. Everyone’s life and property has to be protected if they want to gain the credibility within the world community so as to bring peace and attract foreign investment.

How long the people in Afghanistan can work without any wages being paid to them as they need to feed themselves and their respective families. The population of the country is around four millions and majority of them armed. Government has to keep erstwhile security forces as well as Taliban warriors in good humor. It has to revive the foreign trade that has come to a grinding halt because of the sanctions and ensure opening up of the borders with other countries to flourish as a nation.

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