Does it really impede communication?

In this new age where each voice matters, social media allows you, in the most literal sense to hear every single one of it
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My grandmother, somewhat 5 kms away from me has found  good morning message with a fairly inspirational quote - a new way to tell me, she’s there.

Social media today is not only bridging the gaps between ideas, but is also acting as the key to listen, engage, and build relationships. social media is now giving each one the right to express themselves freely and be their own representatives, in case their voice submerges in the chaos of 7 other billion people on this planet.

In the spirit of practicing true participatory democracy, each one with a social media account today in an informed citizen journalist. social media acts as a watchdog to protect public interest against malpractice and create public awareness.

Today if the tourism industries are prospering and small businesses have increased sales, then we surely have Instagram reels to thank. A short and sweet video over a 60 second song has become the new way to advertise, not only saving resources but also saving time.

And in the world where protests against Taliban would have otherwise been silenced, the pro democratic revolution protests in Tunisia and Egypt would have gone unheard for, we saw a flare of people, globally, engaging as a community in solidarity, on every social media platform which acted as Noah’s arc in tragedy.

Whether be connecting to youth groups, NGOs, like minded people, or simple rekindling an old friendship, social media ties us all with a thread of common interest – communication.

BV Srinivas, was the oxygen man during covid, because he could provide cylinders to thousands of people via his twitter handle, and my friends - this is the power of social media in strengthening communication. Social media today - is a glimmer of hope, a silver lining for every soul in search of an accepting platform for the sheer purpose - to express.

In this new age where each voice matters, social media allows you, in the most literal sense to hear every single one of it. From prime minister’s office to all top celebrities, we know our world better, because of a single tweet.

The little chirpy bird today gives anyone sitting in any corner of the world, more information by just a command of thumb.

And while it is true that social media has reduced physical connections amongst people, on seeing the joy on my grandfather’s face, reconnecting with his childhood friend on the internet, the ping of a Facebook notification is music to the ears.

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