Drop in dengue cases in Jammu

Complacency should not worsen the improving scenario
Jammu Municipal Corporation workers fumigate the streets to prevent the spread of the Dengue cases, in Jammu
Jammu Municipal Corporation workers fumigate the streets to prevent the spread of the Dengue cases, in JammuFile: ANI

The reports about the drop of dengue cases in Jammu is a matter of satisfaction. Thirteen persons have died while over 6,000 others were infected there. Some reports indicate that the number of infected persons can be higher as some cases were not reported at all.

Despite the drop in cases, the doctors have appealed the people not to lower the guard and continue sticking to the preventive measures to stop further spread of the disease. They believe that any complacency can worsen the improving situation.

The sudden surge in cases had taken the Jammuites and the medical officials there by surprise. Some experts viewed that the spread was due to carelessness of a section of people, who did not bother about preventive measures.

Initially, the concerned government departments came under severe criticism for not doing enough to stop spread of the infection. It was being alleged that the required awareness was not created among the masses so that they could have taken preventive measures.

Steps like fogging and draining out accumulated rain water were not taken in time. Adequate blood testing facilities were not made available in the beginning.

As the number of cases started increasing drastically, the officials also came under public pressure and started doing ground work to bring the deteriorating situation under control. Because of their efforts and cooperation of people, the spread of the disease was controlled to some extent. Coming days are said to be very crucial.

According to experts,  the fall in number of  cases must continue and there should not be further increase. 

They stated that people can play an important role by taking measures, which can put an end to the spread of infection. While Jammu was under the grip of dengue, Kashmir by and large remained safe from it. Kashmir reported just nine dengue cases.

Experts say that dengue in Kashmir is imported and the patients are mainly those who had travelled to dengue affected places. According to them, the chances of dengue spread in Kashmir are less due to weather conditions.

Low temperature in Kashmir is unfavourable for development and survival of female mosquitoes of the species Aedes Aegypti, whose bite transmits the virus. The doctors here had advised the people not to panic due to rising dengue cases in Jammu.

However, reports say that there has been  rise in dengue cases also in the areas in India, which do not have favourable conditions for growth of Aedes mosquito.

The only reason in rise in the cases there was due to the travel of the people from those areas to the places, hit by dengue. While there are hardly any chances of spread of dengue in Kashmir, those travelling outside from here must take due precaution so that they do not get infected by dengue.

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