Drug Addiction

Need to further strengthen drug de-addiction and rehabilitation centres, and increase their number
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Amid reports of some increase in drug addiction cases, there is need to further strengthen the drug de-addiction and rehabilitation centres and increase their number, wherever required.

While campaign against drug addiction is important to stop the youth from falling into drug addiction, but equally important is to help the drug addicts to come out of it. For that adequate number of drug de-addiction and rehabilitation centres must be available to those taking drugs.

Strengthening of these centres is also imperative through man power for effective functioning and better results. Those having become the addicts must be encouraged to visit such centres and they must be treated and counselled with consistency so that they are able to completely come out of the addiction and live a normal life again.

For that they also need the support of their respective families and people around them. Any lack of support or discouragement at family level can push them back to drug addiction.

This situation has to be avoided. Otherwise also, all efforts should start at family level so that any member should not become a drug addict.

The family heads should be in constant touch with other family members particularly the youth and their day today problems should be identified and taken care of. Any lack of communication, support or guidance can result in the youth falling into wrong hands and starting drug addiction.

The society and the government must also play their role in facilitating the youth to grow and have opportunities to move ahead positively in life. Obstacles in their progress and development should be removed so that they do not get frustrated or depressed due to lack of opportunities.

The growing problem of unemployment among the educated youth needs to be dealt with effectively. The recruitment process should not get affected because of usual delays, corruption and other malpractices.

The campaign against drug network must not remain limited against the drug pedlars. The need is to identify the big fish and take action against them as well.

The nexus at various levels needs to get exposed so that the flow of drugs is stopped. Stopping drug addiction is a collective responsibility of government, society, and families. All have to play their role with responsibility.

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