Everlasting Memories

The undying love for, and fond memories of the college will remain with us all the time
Everlasting Memories
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On Monday afternoon the college’s conference room bloomed with the juniors and the outgoing students sitting across the table. Though the farewell day is very but emotional - not that 10th class farewell, college farewell tradition has long before died in Kashmir.

Yet, the juniors out of the blue made it possible. And importantly they set the tone for outgoing batches. However, college life is crippled ever since the onset of pandemic, and both cultural and co-curricular activities are hampered. This farewell in times of distress eventually returned us moments of normal life.

Undelivered farewell speech

Maturity is yet to bloom among many college students here. A farewell speech which I was expecting to deliver, couldn’t happen due to the low-behavior of a few classmates. Here is the short text from it:

Respected teachers and students, today you know we are about to say goodbye to all of you. In all these years through thick and thin, we tried to set a good precedent to follow.

If I take my example, I got into the college on 24th March 2018 and since then there have been many upheavals. Our education is above all the primary victim of every untoward incident in Kashmir, we all are much aware of it. And you people know that we are the first batch of English Hons here. Dear students, the primary mode of study in these semesters was self-study, though we can’t deny the fact that teachers supported us to their full potential.

Our gratitude to all of you, and my favorite Iftikar Ahmad Lone Sir. And special thanks to Dilruba Rasool Mam (former HoD). And how to forget the contemporary HoD English Department, Ishfaq Sir. Your support can’t be put in words.

Undying memories of Boys College Anantnag.

From the beginning to this wonderful conclusion with the farewell party, we the students of B.A. English (Hons) experienced a lot at the Boy’s College, Anantnag, for over more than three years. But the unfortunate and adverse circumstances made us suffer a lot too. Nonetheless, we became self-reliant in respect of studies. We did not let adverse conditions affect our studies. And, credit to our esteemed teachers. They gave us unconditional support.

I remember the day when I felt compelled to give up the honours degree. But one of my esteemed professors gave me the confidence to proceed with BA honours. They never turned me away when I approached them for required consultation about my studies. Even they, time to time, suggested me what I should read. Their unlimited support and encouragement made me realize how I should believe in myself. What took me by surprise was when they shared their plights and failures with me. They did not feel ashamed of sharing the experiences they encountered during their studies! We all are familiar with the fact that most of the teachers shy away from communicating their failures to students. It should be done for the encouragement of students who feel disheartened by their weakness.

Here I know very well that the debt I owe to my teacher will never be repaid by me. But I can offer what will be in my potential in the future and my prayers will be always with them.

Undecided, what next

Simple graduation is nothing but eligibility criteria to apply for graduation-level posts in SSB and elsewhere. Are Kashmiri colleges an unemployment-producing factory or are we lacking the modern-day education system? Yet again, unanswered questions! Where do all these students go after graduation? Very few crack entrance exams in different reputed universities. Many others find their livelihood in companies outside. Importantly, a minor portion of graduates find the true meaning of life, its purpose and inspire others in the path.

After becoming a degree holder, the first concern of a student is to earn his or her livelihood without dependence on patents. Due to lack of avenues, a student wants to look for a job or work for his or her convenience. With the dearth of employment in the valley most of them prefer to go abroad, for private jobs. Even some put in their endeavors of their own to create job opportunities for themselves, but it is not possible for everyone.

It is pertinent to mention here that, the best possible way to make livelihood is to use one’s potential, and make all efforts possible.

Younus Rashid hails from Qazigund

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