Finally, children suffer

Children are the worst sufferers in each case of divorce
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The increasing trend of divorces is a grave issue that needs immediate restriction. The excuses given in this regard are unsatisfactory.

Divorces affect the mental health of women and their children. Whenever a woman returns to parental home as a divorcee, she is not welcomed there by her sisters-in-law so the adjustment problem begins from here.

This adjustment problem provokes many women to take harsh steps like suicide. It should not happen in our society because daughters or sisters are part of our family. It is not in their hands to stay with the in-laws who force them to leave without caring about their life.

It is the moral obligation of brothers to treat divorced sisters nicely and give them due love and respect. Besides, every woman must understand the problems of another woman and help in difficult times.

It has been observed that in most cases it is the woman in the form of a mother-in-law or sister-in-law who constitute the main cause of trouble for a woman.

The age-old rivalry between mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law is even shown in films and serials.

This depicts the gravity of conflicts between them. Men in the hands of women play an instrumental role in the agonies of women.

To nip this evil in bud, women have to change their attitude. There should be a spirit of unity among them. Every woman should feel the pain of other woman. They should come to rescue each other.

I am of the firm belief that if mothers-in-law change their negative attitude most of the issues will be solved and the number of divorces would come down. Children are the worst sufferers in each case of divorce. They don’t even know the cause of their suffering.

The separation of parents makes them psychologically sick. Their growth shows retardation and nervousness grips them. They are deprived of shared love and mutual respect.

Mothers’ love and affection boost the morale of children and add joy to their lives. However, in the absence of mother, children don’t develop properly.

They are shocked and unable to communicate their pain. Mother’s love has always been a sustaining force for her children, and one of their greatest joys is seeing her integrity, her compassion, and her intelligence reflected in her children.

Separation destroys the joyful lives of children. It turns out that the harm is much more widespread than we imagine. Compared to children whose parents stay married, children of divorced couples are more likely to suffer.

Such children are soft targets of bodily maladies, including asthma, headaches, speech obstructions, and even cancer, strokes, and cardiac crises.

Psychological issues in terms of single-parent and blended families are highly vulnerable and more likely to need psychological help. Higher rates of clinical depression are found in these children.

Children of divorce are twice as likely to attempt suicide like that as others. Mental development hampers. Other miscellaneous issues like attachment issues, substance abuse, sexual promiscuity, and obesity are also overwhelming them.

Stepmother or stepfather can not replace mother or father. It has also been seen that many children become drug addicts or criminals because of parental separation.

In short, men have to mend their ways, and women, particularly mothers-in-law, should change their attitude. Divorces should be discouraged and emphasis should be given to reconciliation. It is better to forgive than to punish.

A woman after marriage has the same rights as that of a daughter. Divorces are permitted but disliked by God. Divorce disrupts families and other relations as well. So abstain from divorces to help blooming buds bloom.

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