For the sake of justice

Such people leave behind nothing but misery to their families
For the sake of justice
"People who struggle from pillar to post for their rights, lose patience and are compelled to withdraw from their struggle because of mental and physical torture."stockvault [Creative Commons]


Often it is said that justice delayed is justice denied. But more often for some people justice is not only delayed but denied for ever.

People who struggle from pillar to post for their rights, lose patience and are compelled to withdraw from their struggle because of mental and physical torture.

They also withdraw as their old age does not permit them to continue their struggle.

Most, among all these, bid farewell to this world midway. Unfortunately for these people justice never comes their way. Such people leave behind nothing but misery to their families.

This kind of long standing dilemma we often witness around us at different levels. Wether you are in a private sector or working in any government department, we face number of difficulties and problems.

In fact problems are everywhere attached to us and there can be problems in any situation. But problems at government level are supposed to be solved within scheduled, time bound framework for the sake of the welfare of society.

Our education department, one of the key departments in our social set up has a number of problems. The department is dealing with a huge establishment and can’t be denied its share of difficulties, and challenges before it.

When we make a comparison of present scenario of the educational system, with some previous years, one can admit that improvements have been brought into the department. But still a lot is to be done.

In respect of the academic side of the educational system, our teachers play a pivotal role in bringing excellence to the field of education. Our teachers whom we call nation-builders are contributing to society with their efforts, thus we say that the destiny of a society is shaped in our classrooms.

Highly regarded and respected, this class of our society is considered the top most intellectual class of our social setup because in a real sense these are the people who produce highest personalities to enable the government to run a smooth administration.

The irony is that our teacher fraternity, the highest class of our society, faces many problems and challenges during their services. Their transfers, postings, emoluments, and many other issues remain always unattended. Whenever packages are given to the government employees, this community is mostly ignored.

Majority of our teachers have rendered their sincere services and many are now living a retired life. It is strange that even after the retirement, a number of them is still awaiting orders of confirmation for their higher steps.

it is said that no society can rise above the level of its teachers. Then how can be a society allow that its highly respected class is ignored. If nothing is done now it will add more to the distress and suffering of the affected, who are now living a retired life.

Hope above written lines will add a little to the efforts that some of my friends personally put forward in the process of getting all confirmation cases settled from the higher ups.

Therefore it is once again requested to the concerned higher authorities to take serious cognizance into the matter and do the needful so that this decades long wait come to its end.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are the personal opinions of the author.

The facts, analysis, assumptions and perspective appearing in the article do not reflect the views of GK.

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