Friday Focus: Secret of the ‘Samad’

Surah Ikhlas (112) holds the secret of ‘Samad’ of divine omnipresence & omnipotence:

1. ‘Say: ”He, God, is one”

2. God is Samad(the Eternal, the Only One)

3. He has not begotten, nor been begotten  

4. And equal to Him is not any one

Etymologically ‘Samad’ bears three meanings:

(a) Complete, flawless, pure, whole

(b) The infinite power that encompasses eternity and infinity

(c) Invincible Divine force (Omnipotence)

The meaning that is given in all interpretations relates, ”that True Power on which everything is dependent but is itself dependent on nothing.” Hence ‘Samad’ is the Divine Omnipotence that the creature requires in order to exist and to continue its existence. It is the real Power which does not wax or wane, and to which analysis and synthesis is not applicable.  

The secret of the ‘Samad’ is not simply a Divine Power oriented towards human beings, but the basic support of all universes. The potency that holds plants, suns and galaxies is the ‘Samad’ secret of Allah (SwT). Not a single being in universe could survive in its absence but would be instantly annihilated. 

Giant assemblages of stars, of galaxies, pass through each other and the order of not even one planet is disturbed. Of course, nothing is disturbed for God is ‘Samad’ (Allah’u’samad). Everything owes its existence and survival to Him. Everything is need of Him. He is in need of nothing. He is the One Being to whom everything must appeal for help.

It is very important to interpret all physical facts in the universe within the context of ‘Samad’ secret. Assessed in this context, the praise for the universal setting follows, thence the urgency of thanksgiving to One and Only Allah (SwT) Who Is Allah’u’samad, the holder of the secret of universal existence—all that exists within it by Divine Grace.

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