Governance and people

It is true that unless people are placed at the centre of governance things cannot improve
Governance and people
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The idea of governance has undergone tremendous changes over the years. The changes happen too fast now as new trends emerge given the spectacular developments in technology. It is hard to decide what drives the change in today's governance in the first place – human mind or technology. Sometimes it looks like that the Artificial is more powerful, and effective, than the Human. In J&K the idea of governance, and the structures of governance, have also responded to the changes that have happened overtime, and over space.

The introduction of new practices in the developed parts of the world have, partly or completely, sooner or later, changed the practices of governance here also. And that is an ongoing process. Besides, the topic of governance has remained in the public domain here for the reasons that are peculiar to this place.

In the recent days some of the ideas expressed by the higher up is J&K about governance are worthy of attention. It is true that unless people are placed at the centre of governance, things cannot improve. In fact democracy transforms from an idea to reality only when in the institutions of governance people constitute the core content, and policies and practices are subservient to public interests. In this backdrop one can suggest that two areas are very crucial in this regard.

One, training the officers and the official staff on how relate with the people who visit their offices, and how to ease things for them. A psychological overhauling is needed to make any worthwhile changes on ground.

We, as a society, have been raised up with the ideas and attitudes that finally come in the way of an efficient and compassionate relation with the people.

This mindset must undergo a change. Second, the technology must be utilised fully, and in an unhindered way. If the human interference is minimised, and processes are tech-driven, we can experience a revolution in governance.

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