Heaven and Hell

Living a life for others is like living in heaven
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A man was promised heaven but he insisted on visiting hell, and he liked it so much that he stayed in hell.


We human beings have now become addicted to lot of habits with which we were not born but acquired.

I mean we were not born with qualities of greed - corruption, making black money, black marketing, hoarding, food adulteration - or hate, hating each other as other person does not have same religion, color, creed, caste as I have.

Such negative traits are all acquired, we all need to go back to the qualities we were born with, that is love, care, respecting each other, giving priority to merit and not bribes.

We need not to remain dependent on our taste buds or only worldly requirements, but because of acquired dependency on comforts acquired through bribes, black marketing we are like a person who was promised heaven but he insisted on visiting hell, and he liked hell so much that he stayed in hell.

I do not know of a single person in Kashmir who was starved to death, so why acquire health beyond our means? I am not saying do not work hard and do not earn money; all I am saying is to acquire health by right means only and if you have more, give it silently to needy persons in your neighborhood, hospitals, educational institutions.

We all must broaden the concept of charity also. Charity is not only in the form of money, it has other forms also. if somebody is good at Mathematics, s/he can teach it for free to deserving students. Charity can be sharing emotional pain of others, or a warm smile to everyone at your workplace.

We all can do a lot, what we need is to detach ourselves slowly from greed and other vices with which we were not born.

Lastly, I end with these phrases common to any book of spirituality and leave the rest to reader’s discretion.

Generally speaking, not only any word or action, but every thought which is created under the influence of any of the main vices – ego, greed, attachment, lust, are considered negative habits of highest order. Also weaknesses connected to these impure emotions, like jealousy, hatred, revenge, criticism, fear etc. are considered negative habits.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are the personal opinions of the author.

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