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Minimise traffic jamming on Srinagar-Jammu National Highway
Srinagar-Jammu National Highway
Srinagar-Jammu National Highway File: ANI

Despite strict directions from the top level to minimise travel time on Srinagar-Jammu National Highway, the daily traffic jamming at some places continues on the road.

There are various reasons for the jamming and traffic movement remaining affected for several hours at several places on the highway almost daily now.

One reason being movement of nomads and their livestock between Nashri and Banihal stretches on the highway. If the officials say that they have been providing trucks for the transportation of nomads and their livestock for their seasonal migration from Jammu to highlands in Kashmir,  why then those walking on highway are not having such a facility.

Are the trucks being provided inadequate, or the nomads are not availing the facility? If the transportation facility is inadequate, they should be provided with adequate number of trucks. And if they are not availing the facility, they should be persuaded to do so.

Their movement on foot is not only problematic for them but also creates traffic jamming and inconvenience to the travellers. Frequent breakdown of heavy vehicles on the highway also causes jamming. These breakdowns is also a permanent problem on the road.

Then maintenance work on the road and closure of Chenani-Nashri tunnel also leads to blocking of traffic movement. The authorities must see to it that how the maintenance work is done and the traffic movement is not disrupted during the peak hours.

Smooth traffic movement on the highway is imperative. The vehicular traffic movement on Mughal Road, connecting Poonch district of Jammu region with Kashmir valley keeps on getting disrupted due to landslides since it was reopened recently after the winter and autumn.

The road which used to be thrown open in March or first week of April continued to remain blocked till almost mid May this  year due to frequent snowfall at several places and landslides.

The restoration of traffic on Mughal Road helps in reducing the traffic rush to some extent on Srinagar-Jammu Highway. Ensuring smooth traffic movement on Mughal Road is also important and for that timely road clearance is essential.

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