Increase in cancer cases

More awareness among the masses and more steps in health sector needed to bring down the rising level
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Reports that Jammu and Kashmir is witnessing an increase in cancer cases is a major cause of concern on health front. According to official data, 51,000 such cases were reported in four years from 2019 to 2022.

There is a need to create a large scale awareness among the masses regarding the disease, its causes, timely detection and treatment, and preventive measures.

Cancer being the leading cause of death worldwide, it needs to be tackled with more seriousness here also. According to medical experts, the timely screening and surveillance has also drastically increased the detection of cancer cases.

Easy availability of diagnostic tests and cancer awareness has paved the way for patients with cancer to be diagnosed properly. In past, sometimes due to lack of proper diagnosis, the cancer patients would die and the cause of death would remain unknown.

Many cancers can be cured if detected early and treated effectively. While efforts are being made to detect cancer in early stages in patients but in some patients it is detected late. Health should be among the top priorities but it is not for some people for various reasons.

Engaged in day-to-day struggle for survival amid the stressful life and competitive atmosphere around, they find little time to become serious towards health issues.

Usually, when all other issues in life get resolved, then comes the turn of health related issues. By that time it is mostly too late. This tendency has to come to an end. Health is supremely important.

Everybody must pay attention to it. More so when symptoms indicate that there is some serious health problem. Ignoring the initial symptoms of cancer for long lead to more serious problems later.

The sedentary lifestyle and the food habits that increase the risk of cancer have to be given up. The government must also act, and strictly disallow adulteration of food items, which cause cancer.

The infrastructure in hospitals must be further strengthened for early detection of cancers and treatment. The patients, affected by cancer, must also get every kind of support including financial, emotional and psychological at family and societal levels to fight the disease and emerge victorious.

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