A health worker sorts swab samples for COVID-19 testing in Srinagar.
A health worker sorts swab samples for COVID-19 testing in Srinagar.File: Mubashir Khan for Greater Kashmir

Increase in COVID related cases

No need to panic but arrangements must be put in place

There has been some increase in COVID-19 related cases in different parts of the country including Jammu and Kashmir during last few days. Health experts says the cases may increase in coming weeks in some states outside. But as of now the increase of the cases in J&K has not created a situation, which can lead to panic.

So unnecessary panic has to be avoided but all precautionary measures have to be taken. All the required arrangements must be at place in the hospitals. Since last month a number of people have been falling ill due to spread of H3N2 flu virus.

The increasing number of patients had made the health experts to appeal the people to switch over back to COVID-19 like protocal like wearing of face masks, washing of hands with soap frequently and social distancing to stop the spread of virus.

They said it is a seasonal virus and will go by April. The spread of H3N2 flu virus had made some patients to go for COVID-tests to rule out  that they are not affected by the pandemic. While H3N2 virus was affecting the people,  there were reports of re-occurance of COVID cases and also increase in such cases.

Subsequently, the central government and governments in states and union territory became alert and active. Necessary guidelines were re-issued to tackle any possible situation. Mock drills are  also being conducted to review the COVID related arrangements in health facilities.

The authorities expressed satisfaction over the facilities and said they are ready to meet any emerging situation. The authorities must not confine themselves to re-assurances only. All preparations must be at place if the number of cases increase drastically.

Right now the cases are increasing but it is not an alarming situation. But surely precautionary measures have to be taken before the situation becomes alarming. Hopefully it does not reach to that level and whatever increase right now, it will show a decline after some time through proper measures.

The world including this part can not afford the strong COVID waves now, which not only take lives of people and creates crisis in hospitals due to heavy flow of patients but also leads to heavy losses in business sector. The series of lockdowns saw the business getting hit badly and large number of people losing jobs because of it.

So it is the responsibility of everybody that we should not reach to such a situation again and do everything possible which can avoid such situations.

Health experts say that vaccination has been very helpful in reducing the onslaught of COVID. But at the same time they advise not to give up COVID related protocol when there is increase in such cases. 

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