Increasing drug addiction among youth

It reflects the collective failure of society, and of government
The entire deep rooted network needs to be smashed.
The entire deep rooted network needs to be smashed.File: Mapixel [Creative Commons]

The increasing drug addiction among youth is a collective failure of our society and the government.

The researches and surveys being conducted present a gloomy picture. If things are allowed to slip and go out of hands, Kashmir too can be in deep trouble like some other places outside.

While there are almost daily reports of drug paddlers being arrested, the whole drug network is not confined to these small pawns only. The entire deep rooted network needs to be smashed.

The society too is failing to tackle the problem. Various factors behind this menace - be at family level or social level - are not being addressed in a right way. In today's fast moving life, some family heads seem to lose track of their children, who are ultimately falling in wrong hands.

The decreasing communication among the family members amid the stressful and more demanding life is leading to serious problems. The parents now do not immediately come to know what their children are doing.

When they know it is too late for them. So, regular interactions at family level are imperative. Those indulging in drug addiction develop some symptoms, which if noticed at the family level immediately can be of some help so that steps are taken fast.

If teachers in schools, colleges and universities notice something unusual in students, they must bring this into the notice of their parents. The friends and relatives too have a responsibility like that.

Those into drug addiction need to be counselled properly, and rehabilitated. They should be encouraged to give up drug abuse and not demonised, which can prove counter productive.

Above all the efforts should be made at the government and non-government levels to reduce the growing frustration and stress among the youth.

More employment opportunities must be created so that people after completing their studies and degrees do not get frustrated after not getting a job.

The youth too must realise that there are ups and downs in life. Failures and disappointments need to be tackled with patience and result oriented strategies and goals but not by falling for drug addiction.

By going into drug addiction, the youth not only make themselves suffer mentally, physically, and emotionally but also cause mental and emotional trauma to their families.

Drug addiction leads to crimes like theft and robbery. The concerned government officials should take the routine crimes seriously and find out whether such incidents do not have any connection with drug addiction problem.

The government and the society must play their role to end the drug addiction menace. Otherwise, the youth, their families and society overall will face worse in coming time.

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