Increasing traffic jamming

Effective measures needed to deal with the problem

For quite some time now, the major roads in Srinagar city are witnessing increasing traffic jams. The jams become more problematic for the commuters during the peak hours in the morning and evening.

Be it the Srinagar By-Pass of the highway or the major roads in the city the frequent traffic jams are there. The impact is also there on other roads in the city. Large number of vehicles are stuck in the traffic jamming for long and later get cleared through the slow movement of traffic.

The heavy flow of vehicles, the ongoing work for various development projects and closing of traffic movement on various important crossings are said to be some of the reasons for the jamming.

The authorities will have to find out ways how this traffic jamming is reduced and the commuters reach in time to their destinations. More men have to be deployed for regulating the traffic movement.

The unnecessarily blocking of traffic on important crossings have to be ended and traffic must be allowed on the crossings.

What is the fun of installing the traffic signal lights on the crossings when a number of such crossing are not being used for proper traffic management? In absence of the functional crossings the vehicles have to cover long distance to take a turn.

Secondly, such turns become dangerous and accident prone in absence particularly on the crossings on By Pass road at Batamaloo, Bemina, Sanatnagar and other places.

Even the experts who have served at top level in the traffic department in the past and are now retired have also recommended the allowing the proper movement through the crossings as in the past during day time.

It is being hoped that the concerned authorities consider such suggestions for the safety of commuters and proper traffic movement.

Other causes, leading to traffic jamming, too have to be addressed. Strict implementation of traffic rules is needed.

The wrong parking of vehicles on roads, which cause hurdles in the smooth traffic movement has to be avoided by the people.

Over taking wrongly the other vehicles and driving from wrong side has to be strictly stopped. Such actions not only lead to accidents but also cause traffic disruption and jamming at times.

Those indulging in such actions must be strictly dealt with for the smooth traffic movement and safety of others.

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