India is Yoga Bhumi- World Needs Sahaj Yoga

Vikas Chaturvedi, Chairman Centenary Celebrations Committee, talks at length about Sahaj Yoga
India is Yoga Bhumi- World Needs Sahaj Yoga
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BY Vikas Chaturvedi

Q: You have been doing Sahaj Yoga for quite some time.  What is Sahaj Yoga? 

A: Sahaj Yoga is simply the awakening of our primordial mother which is Kundalini, and is with us from ages. When we ask god for our self realisation, it goes immediately because we have asked with pure desire of seeking. This is the biggest happening in a living being because this is the most difficult job in the yogic kriya. 

Q: Why Kundalini awakening is the most difficult job? 

A: Kundalini is being talked about from ages, and very less got their self realisation. And no guru or god gave it to masses because they have done tapasya for themselves and never evolved a method where they could give to others. This is only and only possible in Sahaj Yoga. 

Q: How Kundalini is awakened in Sahaj Yoga? 

A: In Sahaj Yoga, Kundalini is awakened by the grace of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. She is the one who gives us self realisation. When we sit before her picture and seek self realisation our Kundalini goes up immediately. And we feel cool breeze in our hands. Feeling this cool breeze is self realisation, and trust me this is the beginning of our new life and we evolve only after our self realisation. 

Q: How is life different before Sahaj Yoga and after Sahaj Yoga? 

A: Before self realisation we are like a stone, we don’t have any sensation about anything. We can’t feel the subtle system in our body. We don’t know what is right or wrong. But after Sahaj Yoga we feel everything through vibratory awareness.

We come to know right or wrong and we come into a state of thoughtless awareness which is Vilamb and this Vilamb is the difference of time between past and future. Again I want to say achieving Vilamb is possible only through Sahaj Yoga. 

Q: This seems like the academics of Sahaj Yoga and Vilamb? Kindly explain this state of Vilamb. 

A: After self realisation our Kundalini takes the path of Sushmana Nadin which is the middle path and present state. This present state takes away all thoughts and thinking. We are not worried about past, and are not fearful about the future. We see everything as a witness. 

Q: You talk about thoughtless awareness, Sushmana Nadi and present state. How can a common person be benefitted because of Sahaj Yoga? 

A: Sahaj Yoga gives you only one thing, that is awakening of Kundalini which is your primordial mother. Your mother knows what is important for you, and she takes you on an onward journey of life. Same way Kundalini takes you on the journey which is next to impossible - thoughtless awareness, vibratory awareness and balance in life; what else a present day human being is looking for. Sahaj Yoga is a complete yoga, and the only absolute yoga. 

Q: How can one achieve self realisation? And what is the fee one has to pay? 

A: One can get self realisation by visiting our meditation centres all over India. Those who can’t visit should visit our website and pray before the picture of Shri Mataji for self realisation. They will immediately get self realisation. And I also tell you an amazing thing; readers of this interview can pray before the picture published and feel the miracle. They will get self realisation instantly. 

Second part about fees; I want to tell you that this is absolutely free, without any charges. You have to just give your heart and you will get it. 

Q: You said Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi is the founder of Sahaj Yoga. Tell us something about her. 

A: Shri Mataji is the biggest incarnation who has come on this earth. She gave us instant self realisation, and because of her Sahaj Yogis are capable of giving self realisation to thousands of people in one go. She came out with the concept of self realisation in 1970 and after that this religion of Vishwa Nirmala Dharm spread to the whole world. 

Q: What is the spread of Sahaj Yoga? 

A: Sahaj Yoga is practiced in almost 150 countries of the world. Millions of people are doing Sahaj Yoga and get benefitted. Because of Sahaj Yoga word is united, and you can see thousands of foreigners coming to India singing bhajan in Hindi and dancing on local folk tunes. They understand Sanskrit and they understand Kundalini. This is never seen in any other religion. If we want peace we should give Sahaj Yoga to the whole world. 

Q: As you mentioned earlier Sahaj Yogis are celebrating 100th  birthday of Mataji. What is your message to the seekers? 

A: As I am maintaining from the very beginning, Sahaj Yoga is the only way forward for religious seekers, only way for someone to achieve proper balance in life and to achieve peace in the world.

I want the whole world to come forward and accept Sahaj Yoga as universal religion where we worship all gods and incarnations, not blindly but with understanding. In the end I request all readers to look at the picture and ask Shri Mataji for self realisation.

Vikas is practicing Sahaj Yoga from more than two decades and can be reached on

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