Inflation: Beyond Limits

Something needs to be done urgently to check the rising inflation
Inflation: Beyond Limits
Not to speak of the poor sections of our society, even the middle and upper middle classes are facing the heat. [Representational Image] File/ GK

Ever since this pandemic hit us, our problems are only growing. World over people are faced with multiple challenges, and the life of a common man has certainly become difficult than before.

The most painful thing that has hit people is the rising prices of almost all things in the market.

The essential items, that one cannot live without, are now costlier than they were before the pandemic. The increase in the prices is not marginal, but substantial. This has created havoc with the people’s lives.

Not to speak of the poor sections of our society, even the middle and upper middle classes are facing the heat. Add to it the declining incomes, and it becomes a double edged sword. It cuts both ways, and at once.

Imagine the plight of a family that has lost its livelihood, and its savings are fast depleting because of the rising inflation. This is a very dangerous scenario, as more and more people are falling into the net of penury and consequent depression.

As if the pandemic was not enough to break the back of our economy, the war in Ukraine broke out. It gave further fillip to inflation. And if the war continues, and if it proliferates into other areas, one can only imagine the crisis.

In this situation it is extremely important for the government to take stock of the situation, and make innovative intervention in the market to contain inflation.

The government cannot leave it to the experts to discuss it on media. All those high end discussions mean nothing to a common man, unless prices are really checked.

The job of the government is not just to put a stop to this rising inflation, but to get the prices down in the long run.

For those whose earnings are less, and there is a vast population that fall in that bracket, it is not possible to make the ends meet.

Such people desperately need help from government.

And the best way to help them is to make immediate intervention to put brakes on this trend of rising prices.

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