Insufficient marriage halls in Srinagar

More marriage halls should be set up in view of the increasing need for such a facility
A marriage hall in Srinagar's Natipora area during a wedding. [Representational Image]
A marriage hall in Srinagar's Natipora area during a wedding. [Representational Image]Special arrangement

There is a need to set up more marriage halls in different parts of Srinagar city. During the last some years some private and government marriage halls did come up, but the number is insufficient when going by the demand. More people for various reasons are now preferring holding of marriage functions in the marriage halls.

Such a facility is also becoming important for the people who do not have enough space at home for such functions. More marriage halls should be set up particularly at the government level so that common people hold functions there, as government owned halls are more affordable.

It is the choice of the people, how big or small they would like to keep their functions. Nobody can force anybody. But it is a fact also that more money is being spent on marriage functions now compared to past. Again nobody can intervene.

The government's directive on guest control and dishes served in Wazwan in past proved ineffective. Such moves were made several times but did not succeed. Not that those were totally impractical but most people did not like to follow.

So, finally it was left to the people what they wanted to do. Large number of people say that they want their marriage ceremonies and functions simple but are unable to do so due to "social compulsion." This puts them under lot of financial stress.

There are also others, who say that more than Wazwan it is the dowry system which creates problems for the low income families. Because of some wrong customs, attached with marriages, and financial reasons, a number of families are unable to get their daughters married in time.

From a simple function in past, holding of marriages is becoming increasingly difficult. Then the impact of marriage related bad customs keep on affecting some women's lives, whether in the form of domestic violence or dowry deaths.

It is not that one cannot stop becoming extravagant with marriage functions. Were not marriage functions held with simplicity during peak of COVID-19? Nobody can stop some people from doing what they want on such occasions, but others have a choice to see what is in their interest.

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