It is in the mind

My eye is my ear. My hand is my mouth.
"Deaf Awareness Week 2022 is focusing on ‘Inclusion Deafness’."
"Deaf Awareness Week 2022 is focusing on ‘Inclusion Deafness’."i0.wp

World Deaf Day is commemorated every year last Sunday in September to arouse the interest of the populace, political organisations, and development agencies in the accomplishments of the deaf and deaf community.

During the occasion, all deaf associations around the globe are facilitated to concede to the wants of the deaf and bolster their rights around the planet.

The handicap of deafness is not in the ear; it is in the mind.

Deafness lands with numerous challenges. Nonetheless, repeatedly these skirmishes go overlooked. This can provoke impressions of exclusion and invisibility. Hence, Deaf Awareness Week 2022 is focusing on ‘Inclusion Deafness’. It intends for:

Accentuate the influence of hearing loss on everyday existence, exemplify the primacy of mental essence in people with hearing loss, boost visibility and inclusion of underrepresented factions, and put up themes of deafness being ignored within education and the workplace.

Deafness is not the opposite of hearing, it is a silence full of sound.

World Deaf Day is all about nurturing the optimistic facets of living with deafness. This occasion endeavours to bring up awareness of the solitude that deaf people can periodically encounter, and heighten the significance of social inclusion in the deaf community.

The event also lifts awareness of Sign Language, which is a diction used by many people who are born deaf.

Most profoundly deaf people have speech that is very difficult to understand.

The International Day of the Deaf attempts to emphasise a fairer and healthful life, decorum, self-esteem, education, and work for the deaf.

The mission is also to generate awareness among the nation and concerned administrations of the concerns and hardships, as well as the successes of the deaf. The job of the deaf is made public and their desire and requests are concocted.

The day furnishes backing for linguistic identity and cultural diversity for all the people who interact with each other through SIGN languages. Languages are the centers of communication and celebrating this day accentuates the harmony related to the SIGN languages of the deaf people. The day will affirm the foundation of SIGN language and liturgies that include virtue education available in SIGN language. It will lead to the promotion and improvement of deaf individuals to attain the crucial development goals associated with their communities across the civilisations.

My words lose their voice when my feeling fall on deaf ears.........

Deafness is the total loss of hearing. What some folks name partial deafness is now agreeably known as being Hard of Hearing. If you are deaf, you cannot hear well enough to clasp a discussion through sound alone, although some people who are deaf hear noises in their ears like ringing, humming, hissing, whistling, clicking, roaring, whooshing, or buzzing. This is known as tinnitus.

Deafness is often caused by:

• exposure to loud noise

• some medicines and medical conditions

• abnormal growth of the tiny bones in the middle ear

• damage or malfunction of the cochlea in the inner ear •problems with the nerve between the cochlea and the brain.

Some people are born deaf. Others become deaf over time – this is more common in people who work in noisy environments, with machinery and loud tools, or who have been in war zones. It is also more common with age.

Learning SIGN language can also assist you to communicate, whether you are deaf or know someone who is deaf. Unfortunately, in adults, deafness can result in problems at home and work. It can lead to social withdrawal, isolation, and depression. Deaf people may encounter discrimination in education, employment, and other aspects of life. In children, deafness can be associated with learning and behavioUral problems. It’s important to contact your doctor as soon as possible if you suspect your child has a hearing problem.

Sign language is a dance with words, to be enjoyed through babyhood through childhood to adulthood........

Deaf is not the end.

Aliya Bhat, works as Rehabilitation Therapist in Voluntary Medicare Society, Bemina

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