Khalaq & Amr

…shades of creation
Khalaq & Amr
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There are subtle shades of creation elucidated in Holy Verses of Al-Quran, wherein it is laid down that the physical form of man was created out of congealed blood:

‘’Proclaim (or Read) in the name of thy Lord and Cherisher, Who created---Created man out of (mere) clot of congealed blood’’ (96:1, 2)

Further in the supreme art of creation man was created into toil and struggle:

‘Verily WE have created man into toil and struggle (90:4)

Wherein in the Holy Verses quoted above the Quranic idiom ‘Khalaq’ is used for creation, in another Holy Verse, it is ‘Amr’ or command, which is the Quranic idiom in vogue, as laid down in the Holy Verse noted below:

‘’This is the command of Allah which He has sent down to you: And if anyone fears Allah, He will remove his ills from him, and He will enlarge his reward’’ (65:5)

‘Amr’ the command of Allah is in the form of guidance for the spirit within the physical frame. The subtle shades of creativity were underlined by Allama Iqbal in his famous lecture series in Madras/Chennai, way back in thirties, a series that subsequently got published, with the title ‘Reconstruction of religious thought in Islam’. In no other idiom save the Quranic idiom are subtle shades of creativity—Khalaq and Amr so lucidly explained.

While as the physical self may decay as per dictates of nature, spiritual self could have value added to it provided ‘Amr’ the command is taken in the manner it is imparted, by treading His path—the straight path, and not the path of those who strayed from what they were commanded to do. Spirit retains thus the manner, what one could make of ‘Amr’ the command, the guidance.

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