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For the development of tourism and sports, the Kupwara District Administration undertook Lolab Kul under the Amrit Sarovar Mission. The district administration has undertaken many projects to boost the tourism of the locality rich in tourism potential.

But under Mission Amrit Sarovar: a center-sponsored initiative aiming to develop and rejuvenate the water bodies, the undertaking of Lolab Kul is of its first kind. The project, besides water sports entertainment, will add considerably to tourism. It will generate employment for the locals too!

Kupwara is a dale of scenic beauty. The valleys of Bungas, Kairun, and Lolab are enchanting ones. But unfortunately, due to unrest in the state, the district as a border area faced waves of upheavals more than other parts of the state.

Therefore, as a result, it remained unattended in the last thirty years. Now, after the 5th of August 2019, things have dramatically changed in the state. Border areas are given a lot of attention to lifting their socioeconomic levels.

A tremendous development has come to light in the Bangus Valley in the last three years. The valley of Bangus is ready to welcome thousands of tourists in her serene, calm and beautiful landscapes.

To augment the tourist industry and broaden its ecosystem, the district administration of Kupwara has developed some pilot projects along the waterfront of the Kupwara.

Among the projects, Kalaroos, Vernow, Chandigham, Machill, and Lolab are especially mentionable. Across the waterfront, lush green meadows, streams flowing with pristine waters and forests populated with pines and deodars accompany a person during a visit. A tourist feels as if paradise has descended to the earth.

How beautifully Iqbal has put the enchanting beauty of Kashmir in her poem! 

Paani Tere Chismoun Ka Tadapta Huwa Seemab

Murgaan-i-Sehar Teree Fizaaoun Mai Hain Betaab;

Ae, Waadi yeh Lolaab! 

The waters in thy springs are as good as restless mercury; 

Birds of dawn in thy skies are singing passionately. 

Oh, ye, the vale of Lolab!

Waterfront alongside the Lolab Kul is an extended location. It gives a reposeful and accommodative space for water sports like water aerobics, boating, paddling, rafting and swimming. Concerning the development of water sports across the waterfront, DC Kupwara, Sagar Doifode, is showcasing his passion the way a proactive administrator ought to. The administration has developed a site near Lolab for water paddling: a water sport of its first kind in the entire state. Before changing the site into a sports spot, locals were doing illegal excavation for construction materials. The illegal practice was a threat to the local environmental ecology.

Changing the excavating spot into a sports site, the district administration transformed ugliness into beauty. A visionary step changing a hazard into economy and ugliness to beauty needs tons of applause.

Peace is not such a thing as can happen to appear in any region overnight or by magic. It comes into existence by a vision and by tireless effort. The natural outcome of peace is prosperity. Thus prosperity is not of independent existence. As dawn owes its existence to the sun, so development owes to peace.

In the valleys of Kayrun, Lolab, Macchil and Bungas; and across the waterfronts of Kishan Ganga, Batamouji, and Kehmeel, there are abundant potential for water sports and tourism. Given the fact that the district is a border area sharing a border with POK from three sides and is vulnerable to infiltration. So establishing tourism spots and water sports along the waterfronts in the district are the strategic moves to political fence the infiltration. 

Besides saving the water bodies: a life in itself, under Mission Amrit Sarovar, the district administration, headed by Sagar, the Deputy Commissioner, Kupwara, putting every endeavour to explore the tourism potential of the entire district and simultaneously finding ways to engage youth in the sports.

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