Making sense of things around

People feel good to see you marginalised, old horses!
Making sense of things around
NC vice-president and former J&K Chief Minister Omar Abdullah (C) flanked by party leaders during a sit-in to demand bodies of two civilians killed in Hyderpora 'Encounter', in Srinagar on Wednesday November 18, 2021.Aman Farooq for Greater Kashmir

It’s painful, to say the least. The viral images of children left behind by those killed in Hyderpora have expressed more than anyone can about the nature of loss. It’s pathetic to normalize the phenomena in a human society.

In Kashmir, it’s not an isolated situation, it repeats so frequently that it isn’t even a noticeable thing anymore. But then, what has brought us to this level? It’s the politics that has been played over these dead bodies over the decades.

What morality do our politicians subscribe to? How would you evaluate the Abdullahs and the Muftis protesting against these recent killings? What do you think of their demands of judicial probe? These questions are pertinent and shall be asked before we make sense of the political environment around us.

Dig deeper, who many questionable killing have occurred over the decades when they happened to rule the state? How many times was the justice served and accountability made? None!

At a time when Kashmir is witnessing a political transformation, the desperation has set in among the old but marginalized horses. Both the political families are doing what they know best - the art of playing politics over the dead bodies.

To keep their relevance, they’re protesting, for it best suits their interest. They hold no feeling for what this society has suffered at their hands and what they have brought upon the Kashmiri community.

About the present regime, it’s essential to be a different entity. To avoid the repeat of past dispensations, they shall identify the gaps. Do they have any idea of how both the Abdullahs and Muftis can create havoc in the valley? Do they know about their loyalists in the administration and security establishment? So far we haven’t seen any visible attention been given to this aspect.

For those who know the art of playing politics over dead bodies, it’s no deal to manufacture questionable killings at the hands of their loyalists and then use the situation to fuel the anti state sentiment to cause unrest.

What happened in 2016? How did it go to that level? These questions shall be investigated by the present dispensation to understand how critical the loyalists are in the valley.

A technological shift has prolonged the common memory to an extent that there is no escaping from what has been done and said in the past.

The social media has created new typifications and the old horses must realize that gone are the days, when they used to trick the masses. Don’t they know how good people feel to see them marginalized?

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